[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gm_FreeCountry_v3

[tab]Version:[/tab] 3

[tab]Description:[/tab] My third Homestar Runner map

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Half-Life 2

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

I have once again remade the world of Homestar Runner from scratch.

*Bubs’ Concession Stand
*Strong Badia
*Strong Bad’s house
*Homestar’s house
*Marzpian’s house
*The King of Town’s Castle, now with a moat.
*The stone bridge where Coach Z and Pom Pom once had a knife fight.
*The pond where Strong Bad and Coach Z went fishing once.
*The Stick

A few screenshots:

If you really like it, “Mapping Kings” are preffered above all else.

Worth 2 cold ones and a breadtangle of pizza, and maybe some cheat commandO’s

lol this is great Long Live HOMESTAR RUNNER!

Awesome, but one problem:

I think you left a texture out. Or the skybox.

Other than that, I really like the map now. You could add some things in the future, like Homestar’s Cow Lamp or something else in Marzipan’s house. I just had another idea. In Strong Bad’s House, you should make the top switch be a normal lightswitch, but the bottom one should be a raveswitch.

I also like the secret. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, an overhead shot to show how big the map is:

Sky problems are fixed! (I hope)



What about Strongbad’s stool? And the Geddup noise?

Forgot to add that, sorry.

TO v4!


Now all we need are some ragdolls.


Can you also make the jail?

Good idea. Maybe the jail could be completely indestructable…


It only succumbs to the power of Strong Mad! And his cake with a jackhammer in it. :v:

Make the Poopsmith’s giant pile of shit next to the castle.

I never would have thought of that…

Can anyone supply a whatsit texture?


Nevermind, I got a good texture myself.

Now a hidden secrect with Marzipan would be good…

My ragdolls fall threw thw map.

You are so epic for adding the bridge.

Mine didn’t, I guess that’s your problem.