gm_freedom_city WIP

I have been working on this map quite some time now. It’s time to bring out some details and screenies.

It’s a fairly large city map with country side. It issnt actually an entire city, more like a business center with some urban alleyways etc.

Some playable highlights;

  • Fairly large city
  • Countryside
  • Small village
  • Bunch of roads
  • Bunch of traintracks (sized for phx train wheels)
  • Bus stops
  • Train stations
  • Clouds in the sky
  • Breakable windows that respawn once in a while
  • A lot more

Yes, a load of textures come from cgtextures. In my defense, i made most of the building textures seamless myself, for they were not seamless on that website at the time. Now they are ofcourse. -.- I made masks and bumpmaps myself. Also i tweaked the images their lighting, color corrected them, fixed some flaws. The roads in the city are custom made though.

Changes update 07-05-2010

  • Speed signs added.
  • Added helipads.
  • Fixed, added and improved bumpmaps (Including added some to dev texture).
  • Added alpha channel masks to the building bumpmap textures so the buildings windows cast reflections.
  • Fixed the skybox fog.
  • Improved road seperations.
  • Boosted overal performance and optimization, allowed the draw distance to increase by 2000 units.
  • Added teleporters to some building entrances that teleport you to the roof of that building.
  • Added some general details

Bug: at certain speeds with certain weights train wheels fall through the train tracks. This can be fixed by using the stool Physical Properties on them, set on Ice. Anyone have an idea how this can be avoided?

I am also looking for some people that are willing to assist me to beta test this. PM me, thanks in advance.

Update March 16th, 2014:
The map has been released. Better late than never:

An env_fog that is the same color as the sky would probably look better than the tan color, feel free to not care though.

Map looks awesome, do love the textures too.

That custom grass texture ruins it a bit.

Hmm, how so? In-game it looks awesome

Blocky uhh…

Wow, you’re great at constructive criticism.

I like this map, I want to see it go somewhere. The fountain looks strange however. Get rid of the detail sprites.

They are models actually, but ill remove them


I like zis map already.


Also, can we have Hammer top-down views, side views, etc and in-game top-down views too?

Use “204 213 212” (RGB code) For the fog colour, it will look much better than the Tan colour you have and will actually look like the map is fading out.

Somewhat related, how do you make respawning glass?

One of the highlights is clouds in the sky?

Not really, diddnt know anything more to put in.

@ Zally: point_template

@ Diealready: will look into that, thanks

If you think this is bad, look at this:

Can it get any worse?

The textures are amazingly ugly.

One comment I have, is to put overhang on the slanted roofs. Because currently, the houses do look blocky

Could you go more into detail, like how you do it? Do you have an output that enables the point_template after X seconds?

i hope that would be cool map with freedom :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried a number of ways. My first way was make an output to the func_breakable_surf (window)

300 secs

But it was buggy and hard to manage all the diffrent entity names of the windows.

So i ended up like this
I made a logic_timer that fires every 300 secs (5 mins.
I gave all the windows in my map the same name.

Then i made 2 outputs on it.




Sorry, I am late. But here ya go, got a hammer top down view. It’s a mess really.

@ Diealready, Thanks for the tip, the fog and draw distance look a billion times better this way.

Holy shit, seriously.

Also, for tight spaces, you could add some creepy ambient sounds.

I just felt that a nice map needs to have something that you don’t notice at first.

Can we have top down views ingame :v:?

How much space does the map take?