Are you tired of maps that have a crapy water to land ratio?

Then i have the map for you. This map i mainly made for me and my friends, but they all liked it so i uploaded it. We have a great time making forts, building/racing boats (great for cars to), flying planes, and just have fun. And the best part is that if you die you done have to walk a million mile just to get back to your contraption. Plus the map is optimized to the max.

Also wire works great for this map espeacialy on slow comps. Sence the map is a bit on the smaller side (bit smaller than gm_flatgrass) you can have more wire (or stuff in genral) with out it lagging.

And if you want something added or a v2 or what ever just post in the comments section. And someone reuploads this ill track you down and eat your first born child…jk :slight_smile: (seriously though no reuploading)


PS I wasnt planing on releasing this map it was just for use with my friends, but they thought i sould so i did just to let you know.

PSS if you like it and want more or changes just post your ideas(obviously).

PSS i have no clue how to get the link in to the box thing so if someone could tell me that would be great.

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I expected a free grass copy with the ground texture as nude’s ha. Sadly I have no use for it, and there really is no reason for uploading this. Next time, release a map your proud of and you’ve put a lot of work into. Because, the forums are for us to critique your work, and there is nothing to critique it is what it is and it’s something that someone that has very basic skills in hammer can make in a very short amount of time. Look around the mapping section and see what people will enjoy seeing released, then maybe work on something that others can use and will look forward to seeing released. Welcome to the forums!

wow great water to land ratio!

I suggest looking in the Map Pimpage/WIP thread and getting some ideas from there.

It’s flat. Why would i play on a flat map? There are no buildings, Why would i play on a map with no buildings?

It’s an issue of looks, and optimization. If it’s just flat (Displacements counts too) and there’s nothing to block the players view, you’ll have fps problems when lots of players play on the map.

Its better than some, but why do people not compare to other established maps first? I mean, sure its ok when compared to other first maps, but it still has a dull greyish atomosphere and no elevation of any sort. Its just another flatgrass mutant.

I am a semi-advanced mapper but its a matter of how much time i have on my hands and i havent uploaded a map in forever so i just kinda threw this one out here. It was my friends idea and all of them liked it.


I’d advise you don’t sign your posts, a lot of people here don’t like it. I have no problem, but fair warning.

You don’t deserve to be flamed, but you must realize that a map can be much better than this, and get past it, so you can become an amazing mapper. Don’t get hung up with the ego thing, some people won’t accept they’ve got more to learn and keep pumping out low quality maps until they trash their reputation.

Semi-advanced mapper? Lol!

I would call myself a semi-advanced mapper, and i know that lighting in a map is a good thing. Best advice, learn that you don’t know everything and go back to the drawing board. Don’t release maps that are not release worthy. Also, don’t release maps where the concept has been used so many times that the product has no use.

Looks horrible…

Hahahahahahahahahaahha. I’ve been mapping for around 2 years and don’t even consider myself near-advanced.

You’re nowhere near even half-decent mapper kiddo, read more tutorials.

Yah, you should of definately released it only to your friends.

to explain the grayish look that is just the bottum of the militia_hdr sky box

This one i just threw out here you sould see the ones i have piled in here they are huge and detailed and take hours to compile.

Why do you released this one then? Why not releasing your “good” ones?

I know gmod doesn’t have a good rep for maps, but there is no point pulling it through the mud a bit more because if it. Either release something that you have spent time on, or don’t release anything at all. Simple as.

Take hours?Did you optimize?