gm_funmap_alpha is supposed to be a sandbox map which I need some good Ideas to make it better.

More details at the download site

This is a map that I’m currently working on

EDIT: NO Longer avalable via
Still on toybox!

Not bad. I expected it to be some horrible fullbright blob.

1) Fix displacements and add more
2) Fix redundant textures
3) Further optimize the map
4) Expand the map
5) make the map as solid as concrete
6) make sure this is playable on a server
7) everyone must be able to enjoy it (you don’t want to be caught sleeping on the keyboard)
8) reduce the number of visablity bushes
9) make all buildings and complicated brush-work into models
10) fix all lighting
11) make plenty of roads and places to build

I need some critics or advice too!
Tell me what you like or do not like about the map
Tell me sugestions or good ideas (anybody that helps will be given credit for contributing including advice)

That looks… fun!

Yes so far but the aim is to to get a fun finished game the most everyone can enjoy.

Although some of the textures are a little repetitive, its a good map.

I did that In order for it not be just orange and gray, But I plan to make some better buildings and more areas. Right now figureing out what to make that would keep someone busy.


Never got a response on the weapon vendos or the elevator in the map.


My prefabs

This one is rupert’s

Don’t use other peoples prefabs. Make your own.

When I saw the screenshots of the buildings I was all :buddy:

Then I saw “prefab” and was all :smith:

And it’s not really a sandbox map, it’s more an RP than anything.

Hang on! all of those prefabs (excluding the bottom one) I made. It is NOT an rp map! It is a sandbox map!


The BOTTOM one is not mine the other ones were made by me!

Bad reading Firegod and CoolCorky, shame on you both.

How is it bad reading? I clicked on the bottom link the first time. He didn’t say they were his at first.

I hate it when I get discredited for the time I spent on making all of the prefabs especially the mansion. Thankyou!

:colbert: You should of said I’m using my own prefabs; then have a list of them.

I’ll keep that in mind the next time

Yesterday I made a newer version of the mansion, This will show up in the map in the future


Can you PLEASE put on some pictures, I don’t want to download the map just to check it out.

The download site has the pictures

Ah. It looks very nice, way better then I expected.

next update will be even better