Meh. A stupid map I made in less than an hour (~50 minutes) as a mockup for a club in a larger RP map.
I had some friends say it was pretty funny so I decided to upload. Hope you guys enjoy it.

It consists of a large main dance area with music control and teleport to the lincoln “lounge.”
The dance area has:
-floor smoke
-colored lights
-custom textures

The lounge has:

Yeah it has lots of flaws, I made it in less than an hour. (including custom textures.)
Anyways, enjoy it please. I’m not going for mapping king or anything with this map.

It looks fabulous darling… [/queer]

Doesn’t look much like a gay club
Trust me, I know what i’m talking about.

Could someone actually download it and tell me what they think?

The only picture you have is a combine-textured room with some smoke and a bunch of awesome smileys everywhere. What exactly makes this worth downloading?

I was expecting an actual gay bar with pink lights and shit.

After thinking about it, i decided to load it up in CSS

After spawning in (and choosing terrorist, because we all know their all gey), was greeted to a flashing light and silence.
After wandering around, i noticed the music button. After pushing it, what did i hear? A techno version of the Bill Nye song. Didn’t fit and was kinda weird.

After dancing to the song (and finding map errors)

I grew bored and walked over to the Lounge button. I pressed it and guess what?
I was greeted with a bad sounding rickroll and this

All with a slow strobe red light and no way to exit.

My recommendation:
Even if this IS a joke, i wouldn’t download it. The song is awesome but doesn’t fit and no use.

It is a joke…
And I did make it in 50 minutes, so duh there are map errors. Lincoln room was thrown in last minute as a joke, by the way.
But do the smoke and lights convey a club-like feeling? If not, I’d like suggestions on how to improve the club atmosphere.

Short answer: No
The “smoke” looks copy-pasted and doesn’t look natural at all, and the lights (or light) looked like a bad wiring job.
I would suggest having multi-colored lights all flicker at different times

Ok, thanks for the help. :fuckyou:


I’m interested in what it’d look like if someone made a serious “gay bar” map.
I’m interested now. xD

FacePunch Contest?

I’ll try to make a gay bar tomorrow… Right after I make my own version of Animal Crossing.

Giraffen93 isn’t exactly doing a good job IMO.