Ok, I havent posted on Facepunch for ages, so here goes…

General Information:

Gm_Geekroom is a the latest release by FHMappers, if was 100% made by me and features about 90% custom textures, so no disgusting rundown textures from half life 2. Geekroom is the first of a series of room maps, so if you like this map be sure to visit the work in progress page on the FHMappers website soon to view next one when its available! As a player in Geekroom, you are able to roam almost anywhere, from above the ceiling, in air vents to under the floor and inside the computers, use the space as freely as you want, theres quite a lot of it, and by this i mean you can easly fly a small plane inside it. The maps scale is huge, giving the players a sense of being very small, in fact the scale is so large, that a player is about the same height as a hard drive when it’s laying flat.


High up view

Inside a computer

Inside another computer


Ive uploaded it to rapidshare and filefront, I’m having trouble with and uploading it, so I’ll have another try on sunday.;13915228;/fileinfo.html


The map is available to play on our FH test server, here’s the ip: (The server may not be running geekroom any more due to other maps being tested by FH Mappers.)


The second image is from a beta version but not much has changed appart from 1 texture. I get great fps in this map dispite its size so anyone will be able to play it without any lag.

You can view the geekroom webpage and many more maps at

FHMappers has released a new map, the link to its facepunch thread is:

It’s a realy nice map, I had lots of fun playing it I’m sure you will too, so if you liked this map be sure to check it out!

Thanks for reading.


New version available at:


Wow - very nice texturing.

AMAZING! i will be sure to play on it loads

Very nice, love it <3

I can’t wait to play it!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Played it, great fun - recommend the download and for sandbox servers!

Holy shit dude

Cool, nice work :smiley:

Can’t wait to play it!

I thought i would post some more pictures here ya go…

oh so that’s how the shadows looked so nice

yo luke its ace dude this is great anyways i will talk to you on steam later

Also if you are interested in helping Luke in mapping, FH mappers is a open sub-group of FH that welcomes all mappers to join and help on project maps. Add luke for more info/to join:

Nice work there Luke.

Is there a stash of porn under the bed? It is a geek’s room after all.

So much Epic on one map!

Epicness! Must…go…on…a…server…and…play…it!

If you ever release a v2 you should add some clutter on the floor.

Lol I could make some and add it in if peeps wanted. Hehe


Yeah but clutter is discusting lawl