Hello Facepunch,

As always, please forgive me if my post isn’t perfect.

OK so, I’m working on Geekroom V3, I’ve also listened to peoples opinions and I’ve had a go at making the map better for everyone, as far as I know, the main downside people seemed to find about it, was its building space, for this reason I’m also adding another room :stuck_out_tongue:

More detailed/up to date information about this map and its state can be found here:

Basicaly I was wondering if anyone had any opinions they would like to share about the map for possible changes or additions as they would help me to better understand what people want from the map. Thanks in advance, here is a picture as a token of my gratitude:

I loved the previous one, I’m sure this will be even better.

You could add vents :v: Put a working A/C fan in them, would be quite interesting.

Post some in-game screenshots :3:

I would say AI nodes, but you are already ahead of me on that one, but Geekroom V2 had to be one of my favorite maps ever, can’t wait until V3.

Uhhh sure, here’s the dolls house in the other room:

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Sure, the graphics card in the main PC also has a working fan, added it the other day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant wait for the release of this map :3

Holy awesomness batman

p.s. Mudkipzz!!!

This really reminds me of gob_rats in call of duty 2…
AWESOME :smiley:

Or maybe rat maps from CS 1.6 :stuck_out_tongue:


Good work! Waiting upon release.

i like sexy mice. can you add sexy mice?

Can we Overclock it, and then burn it?


Why the hell not! maybe I should add a feature where if you press a button the fan goes quick then it catches on fire :smiley:

Get back to Almost There.


Only op will understand this.

Melissas room? :DDDDDDDD

I hope this isn’t dead. We need more Rats maps.

Not dead, but release wont be for a while since I’ve got a lot to do with other things. Mainly college work.

College sucks.
Map more.

A suggestion for college: 5 Hour Energy
A suggestion for the map: GMod main menu on the monitor.