I’m working on another Star Wars map.

It will feature a really large plain surrounded by cliffs, there will be one Trade Federation Battleship, three Techno Union Ships, at least one SPHA-T walker and perhaps an Acclamator class Star Destroyer in the skybox. I also have ideas for a Geonosian hangar.

Here is a preview of the Battleship and the smaller Techno Union Ship, spawned an Hailfiredroid and some battle droids to make the scale visible. Note that the surroundings don’t have any detail yet, that will come in due time.

Is that all brushwork?


The tank and the battledroids aren’t. :smiley:

Otherwize, yes. And I plan to make at least the Techno Union Ships destructable.

nice work
when its released i might start an npc battle with the droid and stormtrooper npcs that would be cool

make it noded

Of course.

Added new screenies, not much new, just lighting and custom sand and cliff textures. But it looks a lot better than that horrible orange dev texture.

Bad Ass!!! Is there anyway you could make part of the acclamater part of the level and the rest be in the sky box? Like keep the hanger in for aerial charges and the like. Also, will th SPHAT be able to fire?

Geonosis? Cool I guess, but I’d really like to see your rendition of a certain ice planet with space yetis.

I was thinking o that aswell, but I’m not sure it’ll fit, or either it’ll look strange. It could also confuse players, thinking it to be inside the map while it’s only partly inside.

And yes I plan to make the SPHA-T walker able to fire and aim. Though I’m not that good with triggers. I also plan to make both the Techno Union Ships and the Battleship destructable.

Originally I wanted to do Hoth too, but someone else is already working on a Hoth map, no point in making the same thing unless I can make it better.

They did an interesting thing in Star Wars Battlefront on Geonosis.

If you look into the sky box, miniature models of Laat and Droid gunships are flying around.

They are really low poly, and give it the intense fighting feeling.


Completely brush-based SPHA-T walker with an AT-TE walker to it’s left and a clone infront for scale.

The target

An overview of the map. It pretty much covers the whole grid in Hammer. It doesn’t look so big now, but the 3d skybox will change all that.

Don’t mind the boring cliffs, I haven’t done much to the surroundings yet.

Sexy brushwork there.

Might be some use later.

Will the core ship be enter able?

Btw, i can see your point about it being confusing for players having the aclamator partially in the level.

I love star wars

Today when I opened the vmf file, it got two errors, and then shut down Hammer, when I tried to open it again it did the same. And I didn’t have a recent backup.
Luckily I did have a working compiled version of the map, so I decompiled it with vmex and with props turned off it worked! So all is not lost and I can continue working on this map. Man what a relief. And the only thing that was lost were three rock props.

No, that’s not possible in Hammer with brushes. Spheres really cannot be properly edited.

Timetraveling ae?

You ned CLONEtroopers

If you make the 3D skybox as awesome as the one in Starwars Battlefront. I will love you forever.

Pretty damn sweet bro, good work.

Did the clones have Venators at the time of the Battle of Geonosis?

And this needs more Laat/i