A while ago I started on this map for fun, then Valve broke Hammer for the umpteenth time. When it was working agian I was busy working on other Star Wars maps for Star Wars: Sagas. But now I found the time to finish up this one to release a first beta.
[tab]Name:[/tab] gm_geonosis_plains_b2

[tab]Version:[/tab] Second Beta

[tab]Description:[/tab] A huge open plain on Geonosis surrounded by cliffs.

Beta 2

Beta 1
[tab]FPSbanana Download:[/tab]

[tab] Download:[/tab]


  • Large open plain with cliffs around it
  • Destructable Techno Union Ship (aim right above the fuel cells :D)
  • Near-to-lifesize Trade Federation Battleship core
  • SPHA-T Walker with interior and useable laser
  • extra buttons in the SPHA-T Walker to call for gunship reenforcements in the skybox
  • hint nodes near points of interest

Map made by:
Olof Moleman AKA Lord Trilobite

Custom textures from Jedi Knight 2
ported by ShotGunGuy49[/thumb]

This map requires Half Life 2 Episode 1!

WIP thread:

Looks great, can’t wait to use it.

Didn’t I give you encouragement to continue this map?


Can’t aim the cannon and the mirrors for the SPHA-T are not aligned. I moved the cannon with the physgun but the lasers don’t follow it. Shadows do not appear under the Techno Union Ships.

Dunno but isn’t that what I did? It’s not finished yet you know.

Do you mean the windows? those have problems because of the odd angles, Hammer doesn’t like it.
Yes I didn’t include aiming for the cannon, I might for future versions.
And I’ll also try to fix the shadows in a future version.

Then is it possible to blow up the core ship or the techno union ship?

Really dude…

I knew to aim above the fuel cells from the movie, I do it in Battlefront too.

I love this shit, man.

So, you’re supposed to destroy the Techno Union Ship with other weapons.

Yes… YES… Yesss.


I’m using this with SGG’s npcs definitely!

I would prefer it if you didn’t redistribute my maps. I like to keep an overview of things, which becomes harder if other people start uploading it elsewhere without my name on it too.

We need more starwars maps.keep up the good work. takeing any request for more starwars maps? im looking for some cantinas/wilderness/forest/city starwars maps like naboo and such. but keep up the good work!

Removed. I can register you an account there to mirror things if you wish. Registered users can upload files up to 128 MB, and edit their file/delete their own files.

Sorry, was just helping out.

I have a naboo city, it’s not that great though. And right now i’m working on Hoth, so if you like Hoth that should be released sometime.

Give us a preview of Hoth please.

Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:

Too bad SW Battlefront isn’t a source game.

The sky is messed up on mine. Am I lacking a certain game?