I’m currently working on a map but need some tips with like boundaries, and working doors here is what i have so far[/media]

There is some areas in map that are glitchy "The bridge, Some Trees, The Combine Dropship, The door,
And the water at the bridge

If anyone wants to help with map i will send you VCF Link, trust me i need some help

Beta here

Credit also goes to Firegod552 for his tutorials and help Subscribe to him here

u might want to calm down your rain, i cant see :stuck_out_tongue:

I am removing it because i noticed it does not go well with map

how do you render such vast amounts of rain?

what were your settings?

I have my settings all on high, and reflect all (this was in ep2) i have a good graphics card


Ok people, if you rate, comment ok? it annoys me to have people randomly rate dumb, or disagree and if they can’t map they just don’t comment,and rate me because they want me to give up, but nope I will not

Sorry had to bump it fell off page

I don’t think that’s what he meant. I believe he meant what settings did you use in hammer to make so much rain fall.

I’m sure he just copy and pasted his func_precipitation 100x times

Post above is right ^ or just set the number to 1000

That’s a good way to get VERTX_BUFFER_OVERFLOW and have fail. I’d recommend ash instead with some distant fog.

Make it more natural, walls are a bit “human hand touch”

I meant what are your precipitation settings

He just said it.

Well lets see, besides the fact of some lack of credit… of course I’m gonna say its a good map, mainly because I helped make it.

It’s pretty good. Not amazing, but isn’t horrible either. I recommend adding more detail to the spawn, mainly because when you spawn, it’s the first thing you notice about a map.

Yea Firgod522 helped me alot with it, and with his tutorials so give him Credit to 50% him 50% me

I’m at school right now finishing map soon

More combine stuff on map

Alright, do you want me to make a underground area for the combine or no?

I added some more stuff to the map, falty button, electricity, lights, working doors, and raining ash

Sorry for delaying on map, school is keeping me back with Home work. Almost done with it just a few more things to add and i will release a beta (not full) so don’t be like “What the Fuck is this?”.