Gm_ghosthunt 3

After two years, this map has been released :

A monumental thank you to you all.

Ladies and nerds.

I would like to announce Gm_ghosthunt 3.

I have spent months mapping. Literally. Working on Hartley and this… christ. I am finally beginning to feel comfortable with this project. I’ve been through three iterations. Three different scenarios and environments. Thats THREE FUCKING WHOLE MAPS. Months and months of work and finally I can feel confident enough to say that yes, this will indeed be Ghosthunt 3. It’s perfect in every way.

Plenty of room for your mates to come with you too. This time I have widened corridors to ensure we can all fit. No more pesky rubble to get your skulls stuck in (Spike 'n Barley I really do apologise for that injustice.) and a ton of other improvements.

Before I show you, you need to know a few things. It aint finished. And it won’t be done by halloween. I’ve got a baby on the way and shits busier than ever.


You’l get a camera and ghost detector again. Loads of events all random as usual. It’s pretty big, lots of long corridors. I kinda got the inspiration from that shit awful film Hostel. A random eastern-european place wherein people get tortured to death and then ‘disposed’ of. Threw in some ouijja and some 666 too for bad juju.

I apologise for not being able to center the images and make them look nice, I did try but I am mildly drunk and have no time to mess around with this forum tonfoolery.

I wish you all the very best and will continue to update you.



also congrats on the baby

Well shit I can’t wait to play this.

Oh god, I remember when Spike, Barley, and RennyB played the other two… Good Luck broskie

I was just thinking about these maps yesterday. Loaded them up to play but didn’t have CS:S installed.

It looks awesome, keep it up!

the gm_ghosthunt 2 video’s were awful though. Just RennyB being stupid and Barley exploding with rage.

But that’s what made them memorable.

For this one, can we revert back to the more eerie and atmospheric ghosthunt 1 style, rather than the deadly and constantly occurring events of ghosthunt 2? That’s what I loved about the first one.

Been watching this since you announced it back on your website man. Glad to see some progress! Congrats on the baby.

As for criticism, you should look into lua, and customize the HUD a bit. -snip I read that wrong-

As with the first two Ghosthunt maps in the series, I’ll be sure to keep my eyes on this one as well.

Also, congratulations on your baby!

You mean the one that had GMOD 9.04 bleeding out of the walls?

Wow, I remember following the development of Ghosthunt 2 and I’m just as eager to see this done.
Congrats on the baby.

Very excited! The patience game has begun.

If anyone here would be willing to help me with something I’d really appreciate it.

You see, I need bodies.

Not real ones. Already got plenty of those - I’m talking about the props from Left 4 dead 1 and 2. I’m a busy man and I can only devote so much of my time to mapping each night. If someone could grab those models (Dead bodies… I think the folder is named ‘deadbodies’), convert them so they can be used in EP2 I would be very greatful and will credit you.


Nice. I loved the first two, can’t wait for this one. Mapping seems like the coolest thing, but with all of the schoolwork and drama I have, my hands are tied already.

Congratulations, and enjoy sleep while you can.

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Looking at some of the images, I would recommend you try and furnish the place up a little, be it actual furniture props or even the HL2 paper waste texture being put here and there. What was so gloriously eerie about the first ghosthunt was the plethora of props and things that looked like they belonged there, and were quite dangerous when you had kinesis events going on.

In addition, for the “spirits,” I would recommend some that continue to stalk the player, and when looked at, absorb into the walls or fade away, and continue to stalk when the player does not have line of sight on them (yes, sort of like SCP-173, but less apparent that you are being followed). Maybe even have them appear on reflection textures.

As for lighting, dim enough to make sight difficult, but bright enough to make it still possible to see.

Finally, try and have as little ambient background noise as possible. Pure silence messes with the human mind, and sounds become thousandfold times more startling if they are unexpected.

/wall of text

Just my opinions on how you can improve from the last two (again, they were great, but there is always room to improve).

I’m hoping it’s going to improve from the mistakes of gm_ghosthunt 2

Im also hoping you use different models than the HL2 zombies, they’ve lost their fear factor.

Breadman:Did you completely use New garrysmod function? :D.
We have luck than Garry, Just Optimation Whole Garrysmod.that very good for Players
Than we are able to Max it,

Ps Is GH3 Bigger than GH1/2
And How advanced is Event system this time?

Well GH2 was a pretty massive step up in events because he started tinkering a LOT more with random events. I’d imagine GH3 would be THAT much bigger.

Also, (I’m pretty sure) Breadman optimizes his maps. They are probably just cpu/graphics intensive, a detailed map can do that (even though GH2 wasn’t all that intensive to cause FPS drops on max).

Could you try to make light a huge lightstream that zooms through one of the corridors and hits you taking away health? I think that would be pretty cool and scary