Gm_Ghosthunt - this saturday! ( 30th Oct )

Hello all, names Kalny, may have seen me on (A while back I released this : )

I’ve been working on a map for halloween, called Ghosthunt. It’s in its final stages of development, and I’d like to have this out for you lot on Saturday.

It’s a simple concept - You’ve got a fairly large map, with some triggered spooky events but the majority of events are completely random. This creates some interesting experiences for a large playerbase and I am very interested to hear of your experiences. The beauty of the events being completely random (Rather being tied to a director or whatever) is the fact that some of the events become coincidental of your presence. Through testing, I’ve found this is a really good way to implement a sense of superstition and uneasiness.

That aint all though. You have gadgets at your disposal. A ghostbox (For EVP), a ghost detector and a host of cameras to monitor the facility (Believe me the cameras are there for a reason, your patience in watching will be rewarded.)

Custom sounds and inventive events are used in conjunction to create an unforgiving environment to explore.

I do have a preview, but It doesn’t really do this map much justice. You will have to wait till it’s release for more.

Until then…

  • Kal

Images -

The map looks pretty dark and I can’t see much. The video quality isn’t helping much either. But I think you are going to need more than 2 days to finish this.

What Firegod said. Nonetheless, what I CAN see in the video looks pretty good. If you release it, I might DL and give it a try.

Reminds me of the television shows “Ghost Hunters” or “Ghost Trackers”, only in Gmod.
The figure walking along the scaffholding/balcony in the video was even an exact thing that was caught on camera in Ghost Trackers, if I remember correctly.

I really have been wishing for something like this for a while.

Looking good. :buddy:
I’ll be sure to play it when its released.

Doors require frames. Looks nice though.

I’ll try to remember to check this out. Looks fun.

Added some screenies. Merely teasers.

Out of curiosity, how did you get the word ‘ghostbox’ over the ghostbox in the second to last screenshot? I never worked out what entity it was. :confused: Sorry about being off topic.

Its a point_message entity. Works great in singleplayer but won’t show up online.

Ah, thanks a lot. :v:

I was waiting for this since this

Wow. The camera bit at the end with the guy/ghost/what-the-crap-thing really got me excited for this. Looks awesome! Brush work etc. is alright but the effects do look pretty good (From what I have seen in the video)

Neat, just in time for Halloween too! Can’t wait to try it out!

I think that having events that only effects individual players would be cool. It makes the others think others are crazy and it can make each other paranoid.

Doubt it’s possible without Lua though.

I’ve had this happen loads of times through testing, but it requires you to be separated. For example (Without spoiling too much.) I was way downstairs in the basement. All was quiet for me. But my buddy yelped after having something lurch towards him. He kept asking “Did you see it/hear it?” I said “Nope. All safe down here.”

The most exciting thing about testing this map is knowing everything that happens, and knowing nobody else has a clue. Did a final multiplayer test last night, had two friends playing on skype (I wasn’t in the game.) But listening to them jumping and cursing was hilarious. One of them was sat in the cam room watching the other on the monitors. Poor fella though he was safe.

Little did he know…

i really like the idea of this. Sounds like you have done the random acts really well. But i think you could improve your geometry and realism in the map. I know they are not in focus that much, but it could help in making this more scary. for example, the large room (looks like a cafeteria, at 0:42 ), could need some more interesting walls. Add some decals, pipes or other props to spice it up. This goes for the room with the baby doll as well (the wallpaper really looks boring).
otherwise it looks interesting. going to give it a shot

Must resist Ghostbusters joke… Must resist Ghostbusters joke…

Yeah, but I think it would be really cool to get something that causes players to flail around and hit/shoot wildely at something that only they can see. So other players get away or try to shoot back to save themselves.

Released -

Close this thread =)