But map can still be found on toybox.

I tried it and love it. Nice job.


the grass looks kind of…fake… but other than that, looks pretty good. Not anything super special, but at least it isn’t just a crappy “lawl i put a towur in t3h center download pl0x.” Good job, methinks.

At least it’s got custom textures. Nice job.

It’s alright.

not really, i think it looks too empty with just grass around

This is a flatgrass, not ‘superconstructcity-with-no-space-to-build’.
I understand your point though. This was mainly me fooling around with custom textures, and trying the ‘func_viscluster’ for the first time. Appears it compiles ALOT faster. (If I only knew this before, could have saved me hours of painful waiting for compile to complete.)

at least you took the time and effort to make custom textures :smiley: always a plus!

but do try to add normal maps to your textures, run it through crazybump or xNormal, or get the NVidia normal map plugin for Photoshop.

func_viscluster is a godsend for large construct maps, it eliminates visleaf issues.

I love this map, i actually just filmed a video in the map, which should be on youtube in a matter of minutes :slight_smile:

Excellent. Love the textures and lighting. And the hills are a well needed improvement over the invisible skybox wall into nothingness. ONE thing that needs improvement though, the indoor lighting. It’s much too dark. Fix that and it’ll be perfect.

OH, and I’m not sure if it’s just me, but sometimes the feet of ragdolls go through the main outdoor stone area.

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Ur map looks like shit work on the textures

I think the textures are pretty good, though if you made anothe rgrass texture you could have blended them to make it look even better.

It’s already a blend of two textures.

Great map, loving it.

Nice change from the same old boring gm_flatgrass.

you made tf2 gmod :open_mouth:

First off, I love the map. Its cartoony (which I like) but yet really nice with the mountains in the skybox and all.

Problem is that I wanted to use it for my default map on my server but…

If you spawn a ragdoll in the skybox and throw it towards the edge, instant crash! If you could fix this, that would be amazing!

I don’t know why that causes a crash. Does it occur each time you do it?
The skybox walls are very thick. I doubt the ragdolls goes through it and into the void. I’ll check it out.

Hahaha, this map looks so awesome, Hellsten!

Nice job!

Definitely doesn’t look like your typical, grunge-textured half-life 2 map

Very Nice. Gives me a whole different mindset than the dull depressing flatgrass.