Gm_Gmodopoly by CTLP

This is my latest map, a rat map of… Gmodopoly. :wink:

2 Easter Eggs
All houses are enterable
Gmodopoly Board :wink: (duh)
Rollable Dice
Properties change as price on property increases

Download on Toybox and only Toybox

I can’t get my file onto The file size might be too big, I’m not sure. (109 mb) since I keep getting this error:

Images below

Please enjoy another Cross The Line Productions map :)

Rate and comment! Thank you.

(Put in Garrysmod directory)

And inside one of the houses

oh man why must my computer be busted when glorious things like this are coming out

This looks simply fantastic. You got my download (when I’m able)

Thanks Drewsko, I appreciate it. Sorry to hear about your computer.

A hotel on Boardwalk…the potential bane of everyone who didn’t own it. This looks cool, I think I might have to check it out.

You need to work on your exterior texturing, but the map and idea itself is great, good job.

Yeah, that’s true. Just don’t forget that the houses are supposed to look bad in the beginning, then get better and better as it gets around the board. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hachi machi!

Is there already a gamemode for this, or is this a map for an anticipated release?

Nice work. My only (small) complaint is that I kind of expected the properties to be gmod related. For example: gm_construct, gm_flatgrass, de_forest, rp_downtown, etc.

Nah, I just wanted to make a Monopoly map.

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True, I could’ve done that. I hope you enjoy it as it is though.

Really neat!
Got any plans for Clue or Candyland?:v: