gm_granite link:

A versatile build map, with well-crafted mountains, plenty of water, and build space

Also included, a pit with a set of ramps to jump it, and a Star Wars style trash compactor for crushing your enemies or contraptions!

Fully noded for NPC navigation


-large mountain range
-large flat grass space
-large skybox for aircraft
-two ports with garage-to-water lifts and a ramp
-airstrip with two hangars and helipad
-garage with elevator and helipad
-trash compactor
-ramps and pit
-lake with rivers and lagoons
-addon format for ease

The speck in the picture is a combine soldier, for scale.

=Special Thanks to=
The Pardak
Wolfe Escada
Agent 10x
The Shizz

Looks pretty good, but a lot of the buildings are quite blocky, and the lighting is very bland. Also, turn your graphics up when creating screenshots, the lack of AA and Anisotropic hurts my eyes.

Since it’s such a big map, I didn’t want to risk performance issues by making the shape of the buildings too complex, so I tried to keep it interesting with door shapes, windows, and the bars you see.

Thanks for your input, I’ll keep it in mind!

I like it!

You’ll probably get bashed for it being a build map, but it does look good. The displacements look a bit odd though.

Seems like a very useful build map

The textures tile an awful lot, and the aa seems to be either off or very low. Otherwise, it has a few good features that you don’t find elsewhere.

Yeah, with such a large map it’s difficult to find appealing textures that don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your feedback! I didn’t realize when I took the screen that AA was completely off x_x

There is an option to increase the texture scaling in the texture application tool.

I’m aware, but doesn’t that make it look low-res or odd?


Then again, that wouldn’t be a problem for a texture like concrete that doesn’t have a lot of detail… Thanks!

Don’t use a texture with a strange brown shade on the top next time. Use a normal texture that has a consistent look.

Will avoid in the future. I didn’t quite notice that o:

I will get some pictures in a few minutes and I’ll post them here for ya

No need for insanely huge mountains in GMod.

why not

I agree with BagMinge101, haha. Would you rather -not- have some large mountains? ;D

Make a mountain climbing contraption, or have some obstacles for an air race, or build a base on them :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, there are super insane mountains in the skybox for scenery, if that’s what you’re talking about.

The hills are way too steep for a rock crawler :geno:

but nice anyway :v:

Haha, thanks. I put in a few crevaces for rock crawlers, but the mountains are probably still not approachable from every side :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually think this is pretty interesting and good looking. :slight_smile: Its better than most of the other build maps I see.

Thanks! I appreciate the compliment <3