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[tab]gm_grasswater - The story:[/tab]

A friend talked to me that my maps are only qualified for the dump!
That was a hard sentence for me because it hats attacked my ego
So gm_watergrass was born!

[tab]gm_grasswater - Status[/tab]

Relase from V1 i havent found more bugs so post them if you find one

[tab]gm_grasswater - Features[/tab]

in the moment there are:
[/li][li]flat grass areas
[/li][li]much space
[/li][li]small town (not finished)
[/li][li]small lake
[/li][li]Docks with Crane
[/li][li]Map ICON

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[tab]gm_grasswater - ToDoList[/tab]

[li]add NPC Nodes (in the moment there are only in some buildings in the town)

Okay thanks for reading ^^

Adding some mud or dirt alpha on those hills would make it look alot better

woot, my download site :coolfish:

map crashes when i join.

first pic looked really bad but once I saw the rest it was not too bad.

i will try it (in the moment i work on sand)

the first one is old
(i will remove it now)

Much better than I anticipated.

Displacements are pretty unrealistic though, you could use a blend texture, the trees haven’t been rotated at all - that’s lazy and looks shit and a lot of areas are very empty and dull. Add some trees, some rocks, logs etc.

Can’t disagree with ~ZOMG’s first statement. I did expect half-grass half-water.

But good job.

I know people don’t like this but some areas could be more flat to accomodate certain contraptions :smile:

Expected flatgrass with water, very surprised, looks great!

I was expecting one of the standard maps with one half water and the other grass. Good job.

Same here, turns out its more then what i expected

Haven’t you run out of combinations of “grass” “build” “struct” “water” and “flat” yet?

Have you ever said anything useful? That doesn’t help him in any way.

wonder if ill join in on downloading it it looks nice :stuck_out_tongue:

couple of things for you to improve:

  • Your grass texture becomes very repetitive, as said earlier, use a blend texture.
  • Also your buildings are blocky, but since you are not done with them yet, ill guess you will fix that.
  • Find a more exiting skybox, and nice light to go with that.
  • (Just an idea) You could add something at the bottom of the lake/sea/water. Like a shipwreck or even a submarine.

thanks for all these feedbacks but in the moment i have no time to work on my map
so i will look again to here when i be back in 3 days ^^

I agree, I thought it would be a bad flatgrass style map. But this is a good start. :slight_smile:

why everyone believe its like flatgrass?

They believed it would be like Flatgrass. Because it has the words ‘grass’ and ‘water’, which most Flatgrass maps are composed of.

Needs an expensive water texture. At least a better one anyways.

yes i know but i lost my watertexture screens D: (where i had all hl2 water textures with name and ingame screen)
and my server is online (with that map) so if anyoen wants to play visit it