GM_Greensville (Heavy WIP)


Many thanks to kabookie for this amazing poster!
Many others of his can be found here :

Anyways as you may have seen in my other thread, I am making a city like GM_Bigcity,
I will be adding a few new things to the drawing i made, but doing it into hammer instead.

They will be revealed as time goes on…

Pictures {Newest to Oldest}:

C&C Please :

It’s too early to give you crits. I mean the best we could say is it’s blocky, but we all know it’s still in heavy WIP. It looks great, but I look forward to seeing it in a later stage.

Increase the texture scale on that water.

You’re probably gonna wanna change the slybox texture later on also

oh and turn up your settings when you’re taking pictures.

The poster’s not very “Greensville-ish”.

Greenville doesnt mean all green, its suppost to be a relaxed beach city.

Oh right, my mistake. Anyway, the map itself is coming along nicely, just don’t rush it, as I saw the model you’re recreating, it’s ambitious and will be fantastic if you execute it well…
Don’t be scared to spend time fine tuning the architecture until it’s perfect…

Map is looking good so far, rated artistic.

Yeah you are right, i will take my time on this.