This is a map I’ve by request. A guy is making a movie and needed a guillotine map. So i thought why not? I will post a link to the movie when it’s done.


Anyway, it’s a town from the 18th century with a guillotine in the center.

This map is probably good for posing and for chopping the head of your ragdolls.
The guillotines functions are all physics.


A Goremod, such as dismemberment mod or gibsplat.
Wight tool, to make the blade heavier.

I MIGHT develop this map into an rp map. But not for long since i’ve got other maps to finnish first.


It looks really tiny for a map, but decent looking nonetheless.

The building with RAVENHOLM on it’s roof is odd.

Yeah, the roof is too flat for the age that this map is based in imo.

Hehe nice ideal.

Yeah, Ok i can agree with that some buildings might not be completely timeright. But then, like i asid this map was made for a movie. And since the guillotine was the most important thing on the map, I didn’t put to much time on making the buildings…

If there would be a v2 of this map, then i will make the scenery better.

Doesn’t look bad, but not worth much more than small rp.

make it bigger with more houses :slight_smile:

I would love to do so, but the problem is that i ain’t got the time…

Was working on something like this too, only bigger.

Reviewed, but, none of us have DOD:S, so if you could make a version using CS:S textures instead…

Not all have CS:S. swerik, can you just pack textures we need and upload on rapidshare/megaupload/filefront?

I guess he could just pakrat a few of the textures in.

I could make a picture where every one cheers while Breens head is cut off from the guillotine.
Probabaly make a combine soldiers head too choped off and a zombies, good for headspack.

I have DOD:S.

I have DOD:S too.



Yeah, good idea

Needs makeing bigger, or possibly adding an extra set of buildings on the side where there are none.

does it work

If you mean the guillotine, then yes. But it’s not automated but physics so you’ll have to manouver it with you physgun.

And if you’ve got the weight tool then you you could use it to make the blade heavier so that it cuts through stuff easier.