This is my first release thread on Facepunch.

This is a 6 lane highway that is the whole hammer editor lenght.

There will be a future release of this map that will contain much more stuff and will not have some misaligned textures.




Do not ask me how I managed to do this:

Textures ported from Halo 3 ODST by: kingsidorak and Ctrl-Alt-Elite

vmt’s by: ¦5k3¦ [Civil] and kingsidorak

Mapping by: ¦5k3¦ [Civil]

I suppose it would be useful for vehicle testing.

What are you testing these for anyways?


The textures… it was on the thread your asking help for right?
It looks great, darn useful for vehicle’s!

For the next version (if you make a next version), create a space for building vehicles, and add some walls to the side or something.

The theme looks pretty good though.

Can’t wait to see this turned into a full size halo map :smiley:

Where, Good Sir, Can I find those Gorgeous Textures?

I agree with the man above!

Those textures and more like them are in the materials folder you download.

My god, I will get this Immediately, Thank you!

How did you managed to do that?

whoo! maybe RP_new_mombasa isn’t ignored, although i know he didn’t see my 09’ thread request for new mombasa

My GMod singleplayer has got no speed limit for some reason and I did not do anything to change speeds or anything.