If you ever played dm_hazard(, you should know this is from the 512x512x512 competition, same basic layout, modified for Gmod.

gm_hazard contains:
-512x512x512 gameplay area
-AI nodes
-not really much else, it’s not that big




Other maps made by Hazard24('cause I like advertising)


Nice map :slight_smile:

Very nice.

Seems a bit small from the screenshots
but very well detailed

looks good nice attention to detail

Well if you read the thread as you’re supposed too, you’ll know why :slight_smile: .

no… it still seems smaller than that… downloaded anyway…

| No one cares about ratings now

It looks a lot bigger than 512^3 in my opinion.

Did this need to be ported over? Don’t HL2DM maps work in GMod or what?

Well, actually this was the original version of the map, I ported over to HL2DM in the middle of the competition. HL2DM is based off the EP1 engine, while Gmod is on the EP2 engine. The EP2 engine handles particles a lot better so if you noticed there are 100s of particles on screen on this map, while the DM version doesn’t have them since it brings the framerate to an unplayable level. This also doesn’t have weapons spawned ingame, different lighting, and has EP2 models.

I love it

Is that HDR i see? Niiiiice.

Maybe you should remove the props tho, making sceneries would then be easier.

What’s the hazard?

Guy who made the thread is.

What’s so gm_ about this make it a DM map dm_hazard or something :wink: Then you add more spawn points and weapons and ammo throughout the whole map.

Why didn’t you show us the awesome skybox you made?

Fucking epic imo

cough Read the OP cough][IMG]][IMG]][IMG]

Haha, yep. Thanks!

I don’t remember but I think the Citadel looks pretty shit in this version though

Reall nice map, I especially liked your use of fog effects in it.

Your maps are very pretty, great job. :smiley: