gm_HexIsland (Catan)

gm_HexIsland is a work in progress map that creates a Settlers of Catan board in Garrysmod. Constructive criticism and feedback is appreciated.

Features include:

  • Valid Settlers of Catan setup, play massive games on the whole map.
  • Almost entirely made with custom textures that are packed in the BSP. (EP2 is required for trees, sorry!)
  • High resolution textures. (1024*1024! Twice as big as default)
  • Wheat fields with detail props, walk aimlessly around without knowing where you are!
  • Very large area for building! Near max size laterally, 1/2 max size vertically.
  • 3d Skybox makes water appear to go very far into the distance.

Planned features:

  • Custom water texture with very far fog distance.
  • Better looking clay tile (the current one is awful).
  • Pirate island in the 3d skybox as well as a pirate ship.
  • Giant robber game token buried in the sand
  • Actual city, town, and road game pieces.
  • Variance in shape between tiles of the same type.

Known bugs:

  • Messy displacements, some are not sewn properly or overlap the edges.
  • Funky lightmaps on the edges of some things.
  • Weird band when swimming underwater at the edge of the map.
  • No cubemaps at the moment. Deal with it.



To install simply place the .bsp file into the garrysmod/maps folder.

NICE concept!

A bunch of islands, With different textures?.. You my friend are a mapping god :downs:


There’s no need to be a douche about it, it is a nice concept, but very badly executed. Everyone has to start somewhere, and at least it isn’t a fullbright block smashed into a decompiled flatgrass.

P.S: I am not in any way affiliated with this map or its likeness.

I like it!
And It seems the procedural is turning out good as well!

You should work a little more on it so it looks better.

Here’s a little bit of helpful advice for you. Use 3 diamond shaped displacements to make up a hexagon. That way it won’t have those shadow lines where your displacements come out of world brushes.

I ain’t being a douche man.

Though in all fairness its just a few islands with textures… :sigh:

Again, we all start somewhere, this is better than most first maps we see. It has some kind of style to it, but I’ll be damned if I play that willingly, it isn’t the nicest thing to look at right now.

It doesn’t say anywhere that it’s a first map…

Yes it is a very basic map but you’re thinking that it is more basic than it really is.

Also, I figured someone would point out those lines. The the shadow lines beside the displacements are no longer there, the world brush is pushed under the displacement and set to nodraw. The images I have posted are from the first build, mostly just showing the map layout.

I say fist map as in first map I’ve seen them post. Not as in first map they made :v: You don’t judge people on that, just their releases really.

Fist map?

Civilization 5

Or Settlers of Catan that came out in 1995…

I like the wheat fields, did you make that yourself? (as in the grass sticking out)

Yes, the wheat fields are entirely custom made by me.

I’d love to destroy one of my large contraptions over that island and search for burning debris and ragdolls in those wheatfields. I’d download this.

I’d happily download this map after it’s had a bit of polish.
Perhaps you could work on improving the edges of each hexagon. Maybe get creative and make them more than just a sudden change to concrete. You should probably make each individual hexagon unique because at the moment it’s quite obvious where they’ve been duplicated.