This is a small set of apartments completed by me about half a year ago. I made these just as a small project to improve my mapping. Please be aware that I have learned a lot between now and then.

**- Download -

- Features -

  • 2 Apartment complex’s
  • A outside area
  • A main road

Complex A;

  • 2 Rooms
  • A lobby
  • A bar
  • A shop

Compex B;

  • 2 Rooms
  • A lobby
  • A shop

**- Images -

***The .BSP and .VMF file are both within the file download. You’re free to use these to do whatever you wish. Whether that would be to use them on your server, or edit them into your map. I do not mind. Just, please credit me somewhere.

***Creative criticism is welcomed.

All the rooms should have a light source. They also look quite bare. Otherwise, cant really notice anything else wrong :slight_smile:

I thought that to Mr. Iron, but if you view the images in full there is light sources, just the thumbnails hides that :v:

Yup. Every room has one. It’s just a small, indented ceiling light. Because I have a high sprite, it makes them very difficult to see.

I’d like to think of the empty rooms as a canvas. If there’s one thing I sometimes hate, is pre-done rooms when I sorta wanna put my own stuff in there. It allows for different comic scenes and such as well.

I like the warm lighting :slight_smile: It’s not for realism, it’s a warm and welcoming artistic style and I’m ready to greet it with open arms and a wide smile.

So where’s the gun shop?

Excellent map. I like the warm feeling your interior of your buildings have;Although I would prefer a better less-gloomy sky to match the theme of your map.Fix up the empty entrance of your apartment street. But overall it’s a well done map :).

Pyscologyically, a harsh moody exterior enviroment creates a much warmer interior. Take this for an example; When you are inside, what feels more ‘warm’: You in your bed with a cup of hot chocolate looking outside where its stormy and horrible. Or, you sat in a chair when it’s sunny and blue outside? :slight_smile: Cheers for your feedback though.

Ah, i see your point :).