Hellooooo facepunch! It’s been awhile since I’ve showed everyone what I have been up to. So I figured I’d post up some screenshots of my new project. Its a big house in the middle of a forest. Comments, critiques welcomed.

[img_thumb] [/img_thumb]

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Except for the dev textures on that one side of the roof, shit looks good man.:clint:

Looks nice. Add slenderman.

Looks like an addition to GM_Urbex.
Very Nice. I wants eet.

really nice looks good and have a part of fun

when comes more pics ???

Really nice.
I like how much effort you put in details.

The 3D skybox seems to be a bit misaligned in some places (, but other than that it looks pretty good. Nice job making the forest not look repetitive.

I am going to change up the skybox and make it look more dreary. Think chilly rainy day. I am also going to fix up the skybox stuff. I roughed the cards in to get a feeling of how its going to turn out. Other than that I am going to be adding all sorts of props and whatnots to the inside of the house.

Expect some new pictures on thursday or friday. Tomorrow is St. Patty’s day and I work then will swiftly get wrecked. I love drinking holidays.

Looks like something straight out of HL2 Ep2, you know when you’re driving to White Forest and you pass through those scattered settlements… anyway, that’s a compliment, Valve being the mappers they are and all. Keep it up.

That skybox you used, does it have anything from the portal storm (Like the hurricane clouds) or anything that would look out of place if I used it in, say, a city map?

I have already seen this skybox texture in city maps. the best way to sucessfully integrate it into your map is to add a fog setting but dont mess with it. when you load garrysmod to test out your map you can pick the color and the distances in real time. then simply write down the color and draw distance numbers. make sure the fog color matches with the overall skybox color.

Looks good, I like the authentic Half Life 2: Episode Two look. Very nice, very well done, Artistic for you good man.

Thanks for the comments so far everyone. I changed up the skybox and also changed it around especially with the lighting and overall mood.

I now am in need of a purpose for this map because the zombie mod I was working on this for is now dead. If anyone could use this map for a mod or whatever just hit me up via steam. my id: apollo661

They “?” made me think you were looking for a map.