[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_Horrorforest

[tab]Version:[/tab] 4.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] Yet Another GM_Forest Map :smiley:

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] GMod 10, Half-Life 2: Episode Two


[tab]Download 2:[/tab] FPSBANANA LINK

I am sorry that the map may feel a little unfinished, the moderators attempted to prevent me from releasing this map. They banned me totally on purpose for a week so that I couldn’t be able to release the map on the correct date and listen to the community for suggestions.

gm_Horrorforest is the 4th map in the popular gm_Forest series. It’s not placed on a foggy morning, a cold winter or a sunny summer, it’s set nighttime, and during Halloween.

The forest area has been expanded and changed very much. It is about 1/4 larger than it’s predecessor called gm_Forest2008. There’s alots of secrets and interesting locations to find.

As the story goes, you are a local policeman sent to find a missing group of boyscouts lost in the woods. It’s the Halloween night. Try to find out what or who has caused the boys to disappear suddenly. There may be something far bigger behind this than we all think…



While exploring the woods, you have a few things to solve out:

-There are totally 6 references to different horror movies. Find them and also explain what these things represent.

-There’s 6 graves hidden in the woods, the names of the buried need to be listed.

-Find something else that may be associated with the number 6 in the map.

And yes, this is an alt-account which I am using to release this map, because I think the community should be able to have it. There were many people waiting for the map, I won’t let the moderators punish them too!

I should also mention the credits, well, I made the map mostly, oskutin helped me on ideas and the horrorhouse, and the Halloween models are from a pack by Spectrom.




Well done mate, it looks damn good, mapping kinged.

I like it. Good job.



I get a error message when I try to extract the files on WinRar :mad:

!   C:\Documents and Settings\****\Omat tiedostot\Lataukset\ Unexpected end of archive

I have errors all the time. I have EP2,EP1,HL2,CSS and of course garrysmod 10. So whats the problem?

I suggest you download it from FPSBanana.

It worked for me.

Hmm. Do you mean that FPSBanana version is broken or something? Then i download it from : )

No, the version is probably broken up, it’s usual for it to corrupt archives. You can give it a try, but here’s FPSBanana link:

But that fpsbanana gives error. error? I dont have errors? With version. Oon huono puhuu enkkuu. sori : D

Well you don’t appear to even understand what we are currently talking about. I personally don’t know if the archive is damaged or is the FPSBanana archive damaged, so just download either of them and inform me.

Too bad it uses episode two, but, never the less, good job.

Map kinged

There were models and materials that were necessary to make the map work. I could’ve chosen either CS:S or Ep2, I think the Orange Box is more popular.

You better credit the creators of the Halloween mod that you took that pumpkin model from. Also you weren’t banned because we wanted to fuck up your release.

The map looks great, also is it noded? Oh and here, have a mapping king :slight_smile:


We’ll miss you both…


A ghost flew by while I was watching the video, bricks were shat

In FPSBanana it’s only “the mappers who made the map”. And I think it was damn well on purpose, there was this week old post I had done, then I made the thread for “gm_Horrorforest - Coming in Halloween!”. And soon I had a week ban, that was dated so that it was just after Halloween.

It is totally noded, you can spawn NPC’s and they can do stuff. Fast Zombies chasing you around is some creepy stuff.

Those 2 graves are there because I am the creator of these series and oskutin helped me pretty much on this map.


(User was permabanned for this post (Reason: "I won't be getting the message to shut the fuck up about racism from permaban either") [event] 137203 [/event])


I came buckets

Nice work

Can you make this a L4D map when it comes out? :smiley:

My computer cannot run L4D so I doubt I will even get to play the game, let alone make maps for it.

Why can’t you? Valve stated that if you can run Ep2 or Tf2 you can run L4D.