gm_hotel626 - horror themed hotel map

If you haven’t already, play the (in my opinion) scariest flash game on the internet - Hotel 626:

(It says you can only play it between the hours of 6pm - 6am, but you can get around this by simply changing your computer clock temporarily :ninja:)

I wished to recreate the hotel used in this game for GMod purposes, so I’ve been working on gm_hotel626.

I know it seems quite… in-doors-ey… for a gm_ map, but I’ve deliberately left a few rooms bare for players to do their own decorating, as you do. :buddy:

ETA: No idea. Sorry.


This is the first map I’ve actually tried committing to, and it’s nowhere near finished. Any feedback is welcome!

A bit too dark to see the screenshots good.


Looks good so far.

You have about 40 something lights in that hallway yet you can’t see anything… Seems like a problem to me.

No, making your screenshots bigger does not increase the resolution.

Why did garry have to disable media tags for pictures?

Anyway, about the map, what’s going to be so scary about it? I realize that a deserted hotel may be a little… unsettling in itself, but there’s gonna be more, right? Anyway, from what I can see it looks fin so far. But the lighting doesn’t seem… realistic to me. I understand no one lives there, but why would all the lights be dimmed? They’d either be off or on. You could have some of them on with others off, or even just some emergency lights on, but dimmed? I just don’t see how that would happen.

Does not look that scary, but I cannot really judge by pictures only. Anyways, you should improve you lights and texture placement/choice(in the staircase-room-thing). The door frames also needs to be a bit bigger, but at least you had them in there.

I didn’t. I just have to have antialiasing off due to my shitty computer.

One word: Anti-aliasing.

Four words:
Get better at lighting.

Reminds me of 1408


I’ll just do what you do:

Looks blocky. You might want to improve your lighting, and you need to include sprites.