Hello facepunch, you do not know me well, since I am relatively new here. But anyway, I have just completed what I would call my best map!

Gm_HotSands is a sand dune desert map, featuring rolling sand dune hills, a small building, and uber realistic lighting. It is ideal for machinimas, since it is fully optimized and perfected.

I may release a V2, probably will be bigger and have more features.
But here is the V1 for now:



whoops sorry about the huge pics ><

This is the wrong section for releases my friend.
Also, there is not much to critique. It is quite bland. I do like the little hut\shack thing you got going on, but that’s really it.
Possibly add a 3d skybox, and more fun things, such as buildings, or a small oasis of sorts.

yeah i’m aware it’s bland, but i started this map thinking i wouldnt upload it anywhere, it was just to experiment with the lighting.

i will most likely be releasing a V2, with more buildings, maybe an oasis, etc.

oh and i’m sorry if it’s the wrong section, it seemed like the appropriate one at the moment. could a mod please move this to the correct section for releases?

Wayyyyy too yellow…


Why is there a van in the middle of a desert?

Very bland, very empty, and I see a lot of texture tiling.

Do more work prior to posting a whole separate thread for it.

Im going to predict this is one of your first maps…

Dont release a first map.

use a better ground texture, use a model for the ladder, make a floor for the house, enhance the exterior of the house. ( like so )

If you make another version, it would be nice to have a little cliff town with these. I’ve only seen one map similar to that type of design, and that was for CS:S. I forget the name though…

Has potential.

id go for orange instead of yellow, man.


ugh… next time i will upload it to only… so many more positive comments there.

I noclipped around the map, and my game froze when I tried reaching the skybox.

Only happened on your map after more map testing. But you are correct, it has great optimization. 0 lag.

No, that’s a bad idea. You took it here and got constructive criticism. Now work on those things and come back when it’s better. That’s how you become a brilliant designer.

There needs to be fog / dust motes.

Positive comments are gonna improve you?

Criticism, yes. Assuming you are not a 12 year old who can’t take anything.

Anyways, most people on are retarded and have no idea about the difference between good and bad.

“people don’t like my first map? i simply can not take thIS LEAD ME TO THE NEAREST EXIT OF THIS FORUM”