Just thought I would release a map finally on the forums.
My new map is gm_houseofjazz_b1!
It’s pretty much flatgrass with a lake and a large house.
The inner house has 9 rooms, first floor and second floor total. There’s also a basement, where you can do…basement things.
Honestly, I think it came out okay.
There’s a README in the download if you all want some more details.


Some of the Hallways in the 2nd floor:
First Floor Living Room:

Coming out of the basement to outside:

This map will be in rotation on the [ES] House of Jazz server if you all want to play it there.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to add!
Criticism is appreciated!

EDIT: If you click on the pictures, and it says the link is broken, refresh the page.

I’m going to release a second version soon, which will look a ton better in my opinion, I’m not sure if to make a new thread though.

A bit blocky, the lighting is somewhat uninteresting. Looks ok, from what I see from the pictures, but the house - I don’t know… it looks a bit… empty, and blocky.

Use decals, and props, even though this is a flatgrass map.

Looks ok.

The inside of the house is meant to be empty, so people can customize it if they want.
I’ll be adding more detail to it as time goes on, including the lighting, something, more, sunnier, I guess.

For a second I read it as “House of Jizz”,


Explain the Jazz part.

Forgot about that part, I made this map for a server called the House of Jazz, It’s a house, so… yeah.

It dose look a little blocky, but it is a RP/Build map. I give it a 7/10 :slight_smile:

Being an RP/build map excuses poor quality? o_O

Next version will have much better textures and such once I fix some bugs and tweak things, it’s on it’s way.

Thats not exactly what I meant, I meant two different things, but I didn’t type it right. What I meant was it was blocky, and that it is an RP map, so it doesn’t have any props already in it.

I do have to mention that you did a great job on the “poster” pic of the map.