gm_houseofjazz_b2 [Double Release]


Hey, I thought I would show you guys the release of my new map: gm_houseofjazz_b2! I was looking at the first release of the map, and I realized that I should have worked on it longer, and should have put more effort into it. Well, a while later, I decided to do so, to make a usable and good looking building / RP map. The map is still in it’s BETA stages, and so long as I have more ideas, there will be more releases. Constructive criticism, suggestions, and your downloads are greatly appreciated and welcomed, and Merry Christmas.

What is this map used for?
This map is for those who want a nice map for building, water related contraptions, roleplaying inside a house, or just for some fun! If one of you guys out there can make a sort of “House Role-Play”, that would be great, and I would love to adjust my map accordingly.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the Jazz part is because I originally made this for a server called the House Of Jazz.



  • Custom textures
  • Windows
  • Window frames
  • Door frames
  • Bridge
  • Concrete spawn island
  • Small dock
  • Garage with working garage doors
  • Club Powerage (secret club)


  • Larger lake
  • Made the lighting “sunnier” and more interesting, it’s kinda an after noon type day.
  • Adjusted the HDR Lighting

Most of the stuff in the Added Section would probably classify as “Changed” but you get the point.

And since I don’t want to make a 2nd thread, I introduce…


Yeah, I went there, a double release.

It’s got pretty much everything B2 has, it’s just night, and snowy, good for ragdoll poses. Pics are here.


(This works for both maps, you NEED to install this.)
[Media Tagged for Amount]

About the club:
Until my custom music works, there is currently only ONE song, Ill be working on more songs in the next release, If I have enough ideas to add on to the current release.
[The club is underneath the basement staircase, you can walk through the wall.]
(That’s where you guys can come in :slight_smile: ) I am sorry for the inconvienience.

That does NOT look half bad. I’m downloading. And from the pictures, I love this map, just work on brushwork a little bit.

Thanks, I like it a lot better since the last release.
I have to delete the night version of the map and re-upload, I think I might have forgotten to Pakrat the custom textures :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I fixed the download, I recommend that you redownload, thanks.

Cool map, but I’m having some problems. On both versions there are a ton of missing textures, making the map pretty much unplayable. On the night one, the skybox is messed up making it really unplayable.

Thanks, I needed to hear that, I must have Pakratted them wrong, you can expect new downloads up very shortly.

Your lighting needs work but besides that it looks good.

Thanks for the advice, I didn’t go into much detail with it this release, focusing on textures, disco room, door frames and window frames. I’ll look into it if there’s a next release, I just need more people to suggest more stuff.

On the other note, the downloads SHOULD be fixed if anyone wants to know.

Still messed up…

Holy Jeebus, how did that become a wireframe?

I see what you mean by missing textures, but they should have worked if you put them in the materials folder in the new download, I have it so you install them like I have, and it works fine for me, ill look into it more.

I MIGHT know what the problem is, I might have made too many folders, wait for yet another release :confused:

Lol, that screenshot looks awesome!

Alright guys, I uploaded the (Hopefully) Fixed versions. You all also NEED to download the patch, otherwise the textures I made (The signs) won’t show up. I’ll test them later.

Is anyone having any more problems?