Gm_Huge_flatstruct release!

  • nowee

Just another Flatgrass remake, try making something original instead of making another Flatgrass or a Construct remake like many people here have been doing.


This is a remake, Its basically flat grass with a few buildings.

…With a flatgrass/construct theme, therefore not original. Also, try raising lightmap scales on the ground textures.

Its a Flatgrass Remake! Excellent.
But seriously, try and be more original. Add something unique.

Flatgrass is just that: Lots of flat grass.

I think having distinct buildings exceeding the description of “a slightly raised block” kinda means this immediately leaps out of that category.

Again, just few brushes…

And your mind is flat? and grassy?

Seriously, use some imagination…if i want a flat grassy map i will use gm_flatgrass.

Why do you have to put damn grass all over the place? why not sand or something different from grass… when will people understand that nobody wants flat, bland and boring maps.


If you want a suggestion that can possibly make it better, then add a 3D Skybox. You can have hills or forests in the distance.

You seem to be good at buildings. Why not try for a Fantasy or City theme?

Too yellow and too unoriginal.

What was the point of the op’s last post anyway?