I made an updated version of gm_hugeflatmap_v4, which is also land only.


Isn’t the land area in v4 enough? And this took 3 seconds to make?

Good work though, I guess.

It was made on request.

Did you have to make a whole new thread instead of just the reply you already made? No offense, but I just don’t think this map would have huge demand.

Yes .

Attention whore. Yay!

i disagree, as this is the map that i requested
the normal hugeflatmap has that stupid lake and lags me to death, now with out the water i can build big without crashing

But you posted this in another thread where this was requested. How could you think this would have a big enough audience to warrant a whole new thread?



Phishing Scams :ninja:

(User was banned for this post ("Huge bump on purpose" - PLing))

Reported, move along.

This map is not worth a thread and took 3 secs to make.

This thread is from 2005.

Ummm… What?

I remember reading this when I was looking for good gmod 9 maps.

This map is still good, even for gmod 10

I doubt you