gm_hugegrass, Huge!

Hey guys, i’ve released a simple, but quite usefull map, a HUGE flatgrass, hope you like it.


Pictures or I shall not go through the trouble of downloading.

Your “pictures” are a picture of the normal flatgrass, and a piece of actual grass.

Considering flat grass is the size of the hammer grid…

I’m pretty sure someone said it was 1/4th of the grid somewhere, but I doubt it.

It isn’t max map size though, not by a long shot.

1/2-3/4 is flatgrass.

There is already hundreds of variations of flatgrass on garrysmod. Why do we need more?

Regular flatgrass doesn’t take up the entire grid, but we already have a dozen flatgrass remakes that do, so…

Not a dozen…about a hundred.

We need something to fill

The images doesn’t say anything about your map.

Well, it was just on request guys. D: I just wanted to share it to u if you had to have a bigger flatgrass map.

I think the original flatgrass is big enough.

What stopped us from taking the ten minutes you took to make this?
While we’re at it let’s make ourselves personal build maps using only the textures and styles used in construct.

Oh my god -_- I told you, it was a request. Dont cry about it.

If it’s a request, and only one person would want it, and there have been dozens of maps like this and better than this… Why bother posting it in releases?

Because all of those maps have hdr and have water and all that crap that is all eye candy.

Then don’t release it…or point the requestee to where there are hundreds of the damn things.

Does anybody need a map of that size ? Show me person that filled it even once ! AT LEAST in 25% ! You can’t ? How come ? Ehh…