Hello, this is just another useless gm construction map.
Done the map in 2 hours, out of pure boredom. has 3D skybox aswell. it’s perfect for all your nuking needs, huge combine vs humans battles, cage fights, oversized props, oversized ships from space build, and large-scale building.


P.S. Forgot to node the map. Sorry NPC fight Lovers.

this took you 2 hours?.. i hope with 1 and half hour break for coffee, also why you are advertising combine vs players battles if its not noded?

Why is everything in the mapping subforum seem like a contest for the biggest dick, full of rude, unnecessary, and unhelpful critiques?

Because half of the people who regular here are fed up with seeing terrible maps like this one. It is better than most being lit and everything, but it looks horrible really, there is nothing interesting to it.

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Fuck, you have used the most tiling textures possible for the walls, your 3D skybox is floating in the sky, the lighting is horrible still.

you know map with 11 brushes and one displacement isnt realy “critique able”…

sry but this is not a map its bullshit because the textures are not fixed and the buildings models fly ?? omg dude when this is your first map then write it too pls ,also lighting fail and the displacement is badly dude learn to map ,watch tutorials pls

Half arsed map, looks fullbright, plain. You should have kept it to yourself.

My point is to ignore annoying fucks like the posts above and just keep making maps even if they suck dicks.
True, 11 brushes and 1 displacement are not judgeable, so just FUCK-OFF.
Besides, thats a build map. not a TTT map that is detailed to the smallest can prop. on build you dont notice the light so much, you just BUILD.

Not that great, it needs a LOT of work.

There is nothing here to judge. Do not release a map that hasn’t had care and attention to detail put in.

By all means make them, just don’t release till you have something special.

I’m still searching for that ‘Destroy Map’ button on my menu…

He still needs to start on this map.

My eyes hurt just reading your text…

OP, no point in releasing this map it’s just gm_construct_ub3r_remake_12923478

No point to this at all.