This is a small city map with many buildings, some of which are enterable. However what makes this map different is that it contains a Tornado. The Tornado goes around the map picking up and throwing props, vehicles, players, up into the air and across the map. Props can also get stuck in the Tornado which can then turn into a large ball of props.

This map contains:

  • A Tornado

Enterable Buildings

  • A museum
  • A shop
  • A hotel
  • An Office
  • A play park


  • Houses and Apartments
  • Offices
  • Power station

Note: I changed its name to tornado city. Thanks for the comments.

Nice. You should make a video

That’s a tornado…

I swear somebody needs to make a tornado particle effect.

Anyways, map looks okay… I don’t think a tornado is a hurricane though…

The unluckiest thing is that it doesnt destroy the buildings, ah, does anybody remember monkeyjoe’s map?

Yes. :sigh:

He never released it. :bang:

What ever happened to that map? It just died or something right? Where did the thread go?

The fact that you made it blue doesnt make it a hurricane.
Hurricanes are completely different stuff.

Thanks for the help. I changed its name to gm_tornado_city. Sorry for the mix up.

I think with a bit of work you could simulate a hurricane using hammer. Have an entity that blows everything in one direction, slowly intensifies then at it’s peak abruptly stops, goes back to its most intense setting and slowly fades back out. (low power, medium, high, eye of storm (calm), high, medium, low) Add a moving entity made of water that crosses the map in waves to simulate a storm surge and that should do it.

I have no idea how to do it though.

I think you should build off of what Monkeyjoe left…

Make up a simple farm/country map and add the tornado…

A Hurricane is basically a tornado that forms over water. If it moves onto land, it is still considered a hurricane.

Ex. Hurricane Katrina

You can keep it Hurricane, just be sure to have a source of water as the location where the hurricane/tornado originates.

I made a video for the map.

You should make it so that instead of when near an NPC, they dissapear, they turn into ragdolls.

The tornado looks familiar.

It was taking so long and the lack of updates made most people lose intrest and the thread faded away.

I like it. Plain and simple. I’m not going to bitch about anything 'cause I can’t do it myself. I think it looks quite nice, and in my opinion, the skybox and lighting give it a more sinister feel. Loved the music in the video too. I liked how it silenced as it approached the stack of cars. Quite nice, indeed.

The tornado realy needs some trigger hurt so the npcs die :confused:
Just so you can see their ragdolls get pulled it and not the npc itself

Uh oh! Seems like somebody has been copying!

Ah well, map is still good… waitttt…

Eye of the storm is the center of the hurricane/tornado, not a state the tornado/hurricane goes into.