Anyone willing to take up the challenge to add hardware id to garry’s mod.


If garry added this to GMod it would be brilliant because even IP bans don’t work sometimes.

Someone, please do this

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Ok forget about this then. I can’t force every player I get to install a module so it’s practically useless without garry’s help.



There’s no reason a Steam ID or IP isn’t as effective at identifying people as a hardware ID (which is always an honor system). How would you know if garry didn’t just CRC hash the steamid and present it as a Player:HardwareID() method?

I see hardware id as way to more effective id a person. Would be most useful to id the 1-2 percent of alt account users.

You do realize the server cannot asertain the validity of any HWID from a client… Right? The client is free to say it’s HWID is whatever it wants.

SteamIDs are the de facto method of proving a client’s identity. Anything else cannot be trusted.

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But cant multiple people use the same machine?
Meaning a hardware id block could block a whole household.

Total idiot/minge runs in the family these days…

why are we still discussing this? hardware ids are incredibly easy to spoof. take a lesson from evenbalance.

This idea is mentally retarded, even if soembody coded this the Client would need it also. Nobody is going to install your module just so you can ban them, and if you try to ban them with their HWID.

Just to add: This would be a terrible way of doing bans. As fas as I know the HWID changes with an OS reload or when you change any of the hardware in your computer.
I’m pretty sure they are not unique either.

Why do so many blackhat programs use HWID binding if they aren’t unique?

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The HWID that is, not the programs, just to clear up confusion :v:

Because what other auth method can they use?

There isn’t much you can do that can’t be spoofed, if any.