gm_HZ_NoWhere is a Small Dark Wire Construction map. Creacted By HellZomBie (my Freand)
The Small SkyWhole in the center of the map is Solar charge for LifeSupport and wire.
Textures:. i Worked 13 Days to finish The Remake of The Custom Textures for this map, including the SkyBox,
so you dont have to Download Shitey, Bugy, Croling with Viruses Textures, or any source Games like Css-aka-Counter-Strike Source.

i did fix some Bugs, Glicheng problems but im not sure that i fixed all the bugs.

so Whats the info about this map?.

100% Costum Textured. “1st Time that i useng Costum Texture”
HDR avebility.
Fully Working CubeMaps.
Medium Sized Build Space.

Tell me What you think about my map?.

Perfect , Awesome , Cool, Nothing spescal ,Bad ,WorstEver

LINK to This map Right Here:


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Creative brushwork, but lighting sucks ass. Too green and yellow.

The High yellow lights Gives an Tunnel Effect,so you can Feal like you are in a Tunnel


but i did found some Bugs , meby thats why the map is too yellow and green.but il fix it later…

I kinda like it.
I agree. the yellow does give it the look of a tunnel
but maybe a bit less puke yellow hmmm?
Could be a bit bigger though

your right i did added too much light,+ the bugs adding Low Green light,Thats why The light looks abit like Puke, i Fixeng it right now.

i’m sorry i Fogot to add Logic_auto and Env_tonemap_ctrl to the Level silly me :D.
Thats why it was pukeYell Bright

Good brushwork but there are no screen shots of the outside.
The lighting can use a little less yellow/green But you can correct that vai the “Color_Correction” ent’

idk How to use “color_Correction” ent

But it looks very Well with env_tunemap_CTRL


thanks it Help me alot Now :slight_smile:

theres no out side area, only inside