gm_Hzb_flatgrass *FINISHED*

its a Grass and water Construction Area
the map come with 4 Diffrent Grass Towers.
huge water Area.
Huge Grass Areas.
Huge SkyBox Good For Air Crafts.
one Animated Grass area.
color correction
and more…

Futures maps:


Download Link:

Download link 2:

ITs Only Half of the Pics.

[noparse][/noparse] use that.

Looks alright…
I think it need more detail though.
[img*] [/img*]

Nice failure using IMG-tags.

Not bad map, but it’s still just another flatgrass map and a bit undetailed.

Blocky, repeating textures, only good thing, are the island platform type things, they kinda look coolio.

what’s wrong with the sun?

its a sun Reflection

It’s a little bright don’t you think?

Because The HDR Effect is on.its less Bright when The HDR Effect is off

you should fix that, it’s very bright

its supose to be Bright. If you dont like The Bright Effect Just Enter the game Press on: options/videos/advanced options and set The Bloom Effect (HDR) to NONE k?

No you ignorant prick, the problem lies within your map. It’s your fault. Don’t be lazy, and fix it. You probably messed up the HDR. Use a logic_auto and a env_tonemap_controller and adjust the HDR settings. That should fix it.

um for your Notice . i Fixed That 1 Hour ago , But Tnx For The cmnd.

im Realy Working Hard on my NExt Map so il post a Fixed one later.


same Tools That you just sayed

Too many build maps…

stop capitalizing every word, it’s annoying

stop talking like this

And start talking like this! Isn’t this way more fun than those boring phrases without any capitalization in it?