Gm_Hzb_flatgrass is a Grass & water area

i added

2 Grass Areas Different sizes.
Water area.

Grass tower.
Fully working cubemaps.

10% custom texture skybox included.
under water area, good for wire sub’s or something.
and 1 animated Grass area


Download LINK:





so, whats the point of this map? I wouldn’t want to build on that.

Looks like gm_halos + gm_flatgrass_2008, it’s alright, but they’re both made by Larry G.

so i made my own map that looks like Larry G’s




if you don’t want to play it donut download!. its not my Problem that you dint like it

It does look pretty nice though, even if it’s only a first map / unfinished.




Are you english? If not, I won’t flame you for having rubbish spelling :).

Well, I wouldn’t flame you anyways, just my attempt to be funny…

More pics please?