This is a Work In Progress!


[release]Name: Gm_IllusionaryHouse

**Description:**Gm_IllusionaryHouse is a horror map for Episode Two.

Requirements: Episode Two, and maybe Half-Life 2.

The game has a lot of bugs if played on Garry’s Mod! I recommend, when it’s released, to play in Episode Two and Episode Two Only. The Bugs are not my fault, their Source’s or Garry’s.

Version: None yet, this is a Work In Progress!

Download: None yet, this is a Work In Progress!

If you give any idea, it might be included, and your name in the credits.

** The Story Line: **

You wake up in some kind of cage, how did you get there? Maybe you got kidnapped. That’s not important, the important thing is to get out of there, it’s the strangest place you have ever been, looks like some kind of back yard, but with some kind of flowing water nearby, it’s raining.

You see that there are two rebels near the cage, they sure could give you a hand.

**Credits so far:**

-Dj Night - Mapper.

-Metallics - Support in Bug fixing.

-Dutchfreak - Ideas Supplier, Beta Tester and a little help on some needed motivation.

-ShadowDeath - Ideas/Suggestions Supplier. Thanks man, detail can really spice up a map.

-Métro - Beta Tester.

-Combine Elite - Beta Tester.

-djshox - Help with Custom Decals.

-Sharpshooter - Help with Custom Decals.

Screenshots so far:[/release]

In that help thread, I hope you didn’t make the arch on a large box, then scale it down. That would be awful…

Awful? Why? It looks just like I wanted in game.

off grid

Hmm, Ok. I’ll let it like that any way. Until it bugs me, if it bugs me.



More Progress, more screens. Added 2 more screenshots.

Looks interesting… although very dark, you should consider lightening it up a bit.

You mean inside or outside?


The second picture is supposed to be dark like that.



  • Updated the kitchen picture, those tables in the middle of the kitchen were missing.
  • Added another kitchen screenshot, from another perspective.

I mean outside. It seems quite difficult to make out what anything looks like in such darkness.

And for the kitchen… it looks rather boring.
Maybe try spicing it up a bit by adding pipes on the walls and ceiling and try cutting your walls horizontally in the middle, and giving the upper half some semi-dirty concrete texture. But you don’t have to do that, it’s just a suggestion, since I find that tile wall very repetetive and boring the way it currently is.

Also you could try adding a few small ventilation shafts at the ceiling and maybe adding a few pillars/columns at the walls to reduce the blockiness to a minimun.

Thanks for the suggestions! :slight_smile:

Didn’t get what you mean with

So I didn’t do anything about it.


  • Updated all screenshots, with improvements.

What I meant were support pieces of walls which I usually use to make a room look a lot less blocky when there is no other way of doing so.

Here’s a picture of what I meant, I also added a few support beams on it and used a few textures I thought would be fitting better, maybe you could do the same?
I do not want to force you to adapt to my opinion though, I am just suggesting.

Oh by the way, I can barely see anything on the last pic you uploaded (The one with the man in fron of… what seems to be a tv?), maybe lighten that up a bit, too?
You could turn the tv on, having it be the primary light source in that room, maybe?

I’ll add some columns.

Are my textures not fitting good there? :\

I think I won’t do that, that’s more Bunker or Hangar style…



Updated all the screenshots.

Righto, I was only suggesting.

And nice job with your map so far, keep up the good work!

In last screenshot, just right to frame of door, texture is a bit displaced :stuck_out_tongue:
(Just to let you know)

I knew that, thanks any way, I tried fixing it but I can’t!! I tried manually aligning it but when it’s aligned at the bottom, its not aligned as you go up. It’s really strange!


Fixed! :slight_smile:

Was more simple than I thought.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Just a quick thing I wanna mention. That ceiling texture is for a drop ceiling which is normally used to hide ceiling supports, duct and electrical work. It can’t actually support a load.

Good to know, thanks for telling me. I’ll keep it in mind. :smile:


  • Updated screenshot #7.
  • Added two more screenshots. (NOTE: The flooded basement’s light is set to fast strobe, imagine it as that.)


  • Added two more screenshots.

Comment Please.

Sorry I haven’t mapped much these days. I’ll try harder.

Looks ok actually, keep it up.


I don’t have EP2.

I will fail.


nice map tho