** Introduction **

SO finally I finished my Gm_Imagination map. It was supposed to be Gm_Fantasy but I saw the name was already in use. This basically is a build map. 3 Seasons. (Desert, Snow, Grass) Broken part of bridge will be starting of my next map. It will be beggining of it. This map has a lot of water as well.

** Features **

*Big Build Area
*4 Types of land available for use. (Water, Desert, Grass, Snow)
*Broken bridge
*Each season is on seperate island.
*And more

** Developers notes **

Each island had a small hill, and little water area.
Yes you can break Ice Layer over water on snow island. It’s health is 5000.
If you really want to have door in that little room on bridge, weld it :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
Watch out for canalization opened on bridge.
Ladders to get out of water are located beside road on each Island. And on side of road center.
Hdr wasn’t added not because I don’t know how to, it’s because it’s build map.
I added red-lined texture behind ladder to make it easier to find, first time I hardly found it myself.

** Known Bugs **

Reflections are a bit strange.
Glass texture shows lines sometimes.
[Report any bugs you see.]

** Download **

** Credits **

arleitiss - everything except skybox.
Rumpelbude - For Skybox.

** Contact **

If you have any questions,
Steam: arleitiss
Skype: ar4aaa

** Navigation Map **

** Screens **

Have Fun. :wink:

This would be very nice if you added lights. Add a light_environment and you’ll have light coming from the skybox. Then for inside area’s do a combination of light and light_spot entities. But the brushwork looks pretty nice. Help for lighting here:

Yeah… Uh i don’t really see any lighting. Not horrible, but it looks really shitty without lighting.
Add a light_environment and maybe make the skybox evening or something and use a really orangey color for the lights.
That would look great, methinks

Terrible lighting, blocky: it’s just another build map.

Not bad, But it could use some lighting

And like the others said it’s a bit blocky, But i’ve seen wurse.

It’s too blocky and it needs lighting. I think it’s a great idea, it just needs a little work.

You know what, FUck You and your blocks.
Maps like Gm_Construct are blocky, City17 is blocky as well, But no one comments them :stuck_out_tongue:
You just comment so because you just love to write nasty comments. I don’t see any of your maps. So fuck off and don’t tell me it’s blocky.

Nice Map, at least will have something to build on :stuck_out_tongue:

He is just giving you criticism. Your map is blocky and Foda has been mapping probably much longer than you, he is making that bioshock rp map you know. Just look at his started threads.

It’s blocky.

It’s fullbright.

Seriously dude, stop releasing maps you haven’t spent time on. Depending on the size and detail of the map, time spent should be at least a week or two for something small. Black Mesa took me 6 months because it was so massive i kept getting lost in it (true story).

Spend time on your maps and inject care and attention to detail and it will look a lot better than your current stash.

Oh…and the customs look really bad incidentally. Remove small amounts of the letters/numbers and it will look a lot better than the massive damage you have done to yours.

meh, I guess better will release " maps you haven’t spent time on" on fpsbanana and other websites. Facepunch people sometimes can comment just shit, I mean not all, just those who are with 5 posts, who just copy what others say. Btw all maps that I release here, people don’t like, of fpsbanana I got 158 points for 1 of them :stuck_out_tongue: and got to lvl 2 in mapping and most of peopel on fpsbanana likes them.

I have been here since 2005…when i started mapping i was releasing fullbright piles of shit myself. However i picked up something from this site…you can always be better that you are now. There is no such thing as perfection, yet we can all strive to be as close to it as we can.

Since i started mapping properly i have always said the same things to new people. Namely, slow down and take some time over your maps. You see it out there in games nowadays, they are rushed out and need to be patched on day one.

FPS banana is not a very good site to go to to get criticism that is useful. rp_sanctuary got a 9 there, whereas over here it was hardly looked at. But, i did get a lot of good feedback from people here, whereas over at fpsbanana it was all useless. Just because the criticism is not what you want to hear, it doesn’t make it any less useful. Accept that and you will improve.

If you want unbiased feedback before you release a map, you can add me on steam if you want. I don’t mind giving maps a run through…that is if you can take down to earth feedback…because that is what i offer.

good concept, but need a bit work, like lighting, skybox and well euh less blockification :smiley:

Woah there son.

Everyones early maps are blocky, and while I agree it gets a bit tedious that pretty much every map, regardless of quality these days, gets called blocky by someone or another, learning to live with and accept that you’re still learning hammer without taking constructive critisism well isn’t the way to go about it.

The solution to blockyness is easy: Don’t over-estimate your abilities - don’t make stupidly huge maps that you know you don’t have time or will to invest detail into the asthetics. Start with small maps, get them looking nice, then scale those abilities up.

That and practice. Oh yes. Lots of practice.

Damn straight, Nice try Desert Mouse.

What skybox is that?

I think its npa_v1 or something, search for skyboxes on FPSBanana in the CS:S catergory.

nice soo nice exept need moor fantastico
but when u got imagination it’l work
and dont say
i spell badly.
im finnish

Decent concept, needs lighting, and a better skybox in my opinion.

its a very nice map but it missing somthing.add some. env_cubemaps to your level & light_environment