• 20,000 x 20,000 size
  • impassable terrain - I was wondering why someone rated me “bad spelling”, I do mean impassable.
  • custom-made texture

I made it out of my desire to makes some crawlers.
Basic skybox; it’s not 3D.

looks like a place out of TES4 good job…just no download link

Now the image is broken.

Where are the pictures? There’s only one on

Hmmm… Looks nice, good job

This looks amazing. If there’s a nice flat spot for building, I’ll love you.

Just tried it out, its pretty good. I’d add a concrete platform near the top for building maybe, and a building at the bottom for teleporting back to it?

also the textures look really nice from far away, but when you get close to them they don’t look so nice. If you can, try to make them higher-res…but I do like the current ones.

reminds me of FUEL

downloading now

Very nice. I’m going to download and make crawlers :smiley: .

wow, simple, but awesome. I like the snow on the mountains! it looks useful for offroading and plane battles.

I made full HD wallpaper with this map!

How did you get 3 textures to blend? I thought there was a problem and only allowed 2.

It’s one big texture.
Made available through vtfedit.


Thanks Xemit, I’ll have more on the way, definitely.

looks very nice! good looking snow and grass 9/10 ! :cheers: