A map set in late 19th century Brittain.

The map will contain

  • few factories
  • a lot of houses
  • sewage system
  • dark alleys
  • high detailed 19th century architecture

The map is still in heavy WIP.

I’m currently running low on ideas so please post some.
and please give constructive criticism.


It’s very blocky and you’re using the same, repeating textures on nearly everything.

And why is the smoke yellow?

Looks great, maybe a picture of the whole thing?

if i made the smoke black you wouldn’t see it

but what color would you like to see?

The house thing killed it. The factory looks fine for now, but the house needs a lot of work.

Window and doors need frames house is to square and lacking texture.
Factory smoke stacks are usually more conical but that’s a minor issue.

Just give that house more detail and you will improve the map ten fold.


Smoke from factories are usually Grey to black and sometimes white.

Black = hard smoke (coal refineries, incinerators)
White = Steam, C02 (nuclear, some hydroelectric, general factories/oil/gas refineries)
Grey = Mix of the two.

It is currently only used for spawning purposes but it will be improved and redone later.


Here is a picture of black smoke

i still think the brownish smoke looks better

What about grey smoke then?

Your map lacks a light_environment.


it has one

pic for white/gray smoke

I think you need the sky to be a more smoggy looking dusk one… Just me though.

Make the smoke have less opacity.
And add a ligh_environment

Looks nothing like the ninteenth century, looks more like an architect who went bonkers with lego

it has one though

Make it better then


Use the settings that match your skybox from here: