:siren: CAUTION: A singleplayer map approaches…

Welcome to gm_intro - a map created as an introduction to mapping (for me) and to Garry’s Mod (for newbies). The basic idea is that the course is split up into several stages with obstacles and helpers, whether it’s breaking crates, building bridges, or beating down the wicked Combine. Let’s take a look:

STAGE 1: Weapons
Obstacle: boxes
Help: Firing range + crowbar/crossbow
This stage is mainly aimed at getting players used to their weapons. The player is confronted by a big stack of boxes, but has a firing range and a conveniently placed crossbow to help them hone their box-destroying skills.

STAGE 2: Props
Obstacle: pit of deadly water
Help: Building area
This stage helps players understand how to use props, the physics gun, and the spawnmenu. The player must build a bridge across the water to reach the next level (or use a cheat button if they get frustrated).

Obstacle: Combine barricade with four Combine and a few manhacks
Help: ammo crates + weapons + debris shields + ammo/health rechargers
This stage introduces players to both player vs. enemy combat as well as NPCs, putting the two against each other.

STAGE 4: Vehicles
Obstacle: road course with checkpoints (get all = open door)
Help: Choice of vehicle/airboat + handy lightup indicators on each checkpoint
This stage brings out a very fun aspect of HL2 - the vehicles. The player gets to cruise along a twisty-turvy sandy area, and must go through all the checkpoints before going to the next area.
**NOTE: I need some help here. When doing this in Ep2, it worked for the airboat (but not the jeep). In Gmod, it worked for neither. I’m basically using several of trigger_once and a math_counter. However, the triggers are not being called (even though the flag “Client in vehicles” is checked). Any ideas on why?

So please, provide constructive criticism. Is the lighting awful, the architecture blocky, or what? I’d like to become a better mapper in the future.

However, bear in mind that if the criticism is too negative I’ll be forced to make another bland first map like rp_generictown or gm_superawesomeconstructgrass_v51_final.

It looks alright… Pretty bland. The texturing is pretty repetitive as well.

And what’s with the random debris on the perfectly flat ground?

pretty good for a first map.
Not saying its good, just saying its a better start than most get.
Keep at it, use our resources, and use the pimpage thread.
Dont be afraid to accept negative criticism.
Look forward to seeing you around here more often!

Holy shit. This is actually a VERY nice idea. Extremely original. (I’m not being sarcastic.)
Just work on the map overall. Why the two error models? And maybe you should make some custom textures for each course explaining what to do and how to do it.

An introductory level for beginer gmoders has been thought up of before. The only way to get something like this to work though is if you have no noclip and a empy Q menu that unlocks tools and props the farther you progress into the level.