Gm_Iremia is a large mostly flat map with a nice medieval theme, its features include a large lake, lots of flat space, and a boathouse. I put a lot of effort into this map so I hope you enjoy it, special thanks to Swat Player for helping create some of the materials. Enjoy! :smiley:

->!!!DO NOT FOLLOW README I MESSED UP D: put the materials and maps folders inside your garrysmod/garrysmod folder!!!<-


Why the hell is it flat?

Looks great for Building and screwing around! Although it does look like an odd land formation -.-

Not bad, GJ

Love the map dalton, you gotta update you’re thread some :stuck_out_tongue:

whats wrong with it being flat, most people prefer flat ground for building :l

I recommend you to make a big displacement area for car testing in V2 (if there will be one).

It’s very nicely made… all i would say, is work on the terrain, it doesn’t look right (or good)

looks nice but it’s abit flat :frowning: add some hills and some roads may inprove it alot

wow i guess i need to make a v2 lol, someone also said they would like it brighter so I will do that aswell

I like it, it is very relaxing (the music in the vid really adds onto it too lol) I love the lighting, you shouldn’t change it, it’s perfect the way it is XD Although there could be something done with some of the empty space, there of coarse should be a flat area and then a displaced area.

how do that camara effect in your video? oh, and love the map!!

If by the camera effect you mean how I controlled the camera then clickeh here

Very nice. one thing that caught my attention was the lighting. it does not seem to match the skybox or seems a bit off. not sure i may just be picky.


Looks nice, there’s an area for building and there’s an area that’s eye candy. Lighting could use work and something seems off about the large empty house directly behind the pond/water garage.

Nice map, what is the name of the song in the vid?

Just realized it is in the title… Song is “Amber” by 311

I agree. Its not supposed to be so realistic you cant even build. Everyone here takes realistically way to far to were they want the game to not even be fun.

Because you cant freeze a prop in the air with the physics gun and build there.