Hello, this is my second map, although I’m happy with the actual island, I really fucked up with the water; initially there wasn’t going to be any water surrounding the island, well, you’ll know when you see it.


-Half Life 2
-Half Life 2: Episode 2

Spawn Point:

Again, I realise the edge of the island is really fucked up, next time I’ll plan ahead. I’ll accept all constructive criticisms and implement them into my next map (If I make another)


Nice work!

For a second map, it isn’t bad.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

It’s got a lot of improvement that could be done. For example, add more variety, give it a shack or something. Improve your displacements by making them seem more realistic. Use a 3D skybox combined with fog to give the illusion of an infinite ocean. Make the fire give off light and crackling sounds, and throw in a soundscape. It’ll look better in no time.

For a second map, this really is great.

After finishing the map and messing around in Hammer some more and watching some tutorials, I realised where I could improve. Like you said, the displacements I’ve now figured out how to look smoother and more realistic (The reason it looks so spiky is because the island is just one big plate), I was going to add a shack, but it was meant to a completely untouched wilderness, and the small camp thing being someone who was stranded.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m going to start work on a V2 of this map, hopefully it will be drastically improved.