gm_jdconstruct Project

G,Day all

I have a Beta released gm_jdconstruct and im working on Version 2 right

V1 was my first map ever so im using it for a bigger project that has most things if not all things people need to build with in Sandbox mode. I know its not the “flashiest” map but its for building on, not ment for RP or DM stuff and so on.


v1 - Beta version made for Release - "Released"

v2 - Full release version - "not released"

map 5 times bigger then last version.
color changed for walls and floors

Things to do,

Railway track around the map.
*Track single wide - parts at double wide
*2 Station’s

Vehicle construct area.
*1 suspenion test - done
*4 hill climbs - done
*4 garages with build platform - done

more underground rooms
*1 pool
*4 work stations
*1 dark room
more above ground rooms
*1 Tower - done
*1 office - done
*3 Hangers with 1 Runway - done


constructive feedback please. (please dont post if your just going to say “its shit” let me know why and what you think can make it not shit, if it is to you.)

Its blocky, really blocky.

It also doesn’t really have anything that sets it apart from the dozens of other build maps out there.

Edit: I now know what yo mean by blocky LOL i think you mean the textures right ?

also its second day not much has been added to it yet but its will have more added on it so you dont need to change map to test a boat, car, train, plane ect.

Thanks for the feedback

Second day? Christ man, at least spend 2 months on it before release.

This man is correct. I’m running close to a year here now and I have never released a map…

OH ok yea i will be working on this for a bit before release main reason for releasing the other V1 map was for a mate he wanted to try it out. but tthis map i have plans for alot of them. so yea will take a bit before i do release the full map.

I suggest taking a look at other released maps, or WIP maps. Checking out what the released ones have, and what the WIP don’t. When I started mapping, I totally released my first, and second map. Not actually on these forums, but on I’ve been mapping for only about a year, but I’ve not released a map since them. In these construct maps, you need something nothing else has, or, have it look very awesome. Keep working on it, you’ll get there.

Very good for a first map. Congratulations on actually completing it as well. This puts you ahead of everybody who hasn’t made a map, even if they claim to be amazing. You’ll learn far faster by actually completing projects than you will by half completing everything. I think that by blocky they mean that there’s no detail. You only have a bare map, but there’s nothing wrong with that on your first attempt! Now you should make a smaller map. A small aim map, spending your time on detail, rather than scale. Just try adding more detail to the ramps (Possibly add stairs?), make buidings more complex than simple blocks (Add interesting roofs, or make them an interesting shape instead of a simple cube). Finally, play about with objects and decals, they make your map look more professional almost straight away.

I look forward to seeing what you can achieve, you’ve made a very good first map and as long as you can complete future projects you’ll be making great looking (and hopefully fun to play) maps in no time at all.

Now thats what the mapping forums are for, constructive criticism. Dont listen to the people that just insult you. Listen to people like this.

I think the map has potential, just needs more detail. Nice use of lights, try to not put the light to close to a wall cause then it causes big unrealistic light spots on the wall. I have never released a map and ive been mapping for 4 months now. I can never finish a map, where as you are far better than me for actually dedicating yourself to make a map and releasing it. Although there is room for improvement, its a good map.

Thanks guys, all of this helps me alot and i will be adding alot of detail on v2 im thinking on spending a month and if its still not good by then it might be longer. one building ive added is a hanger and runway for planes.

the idea is to get a good amount of things people use in construct maps (with out editing that garry made construct) then after i get every think thats needed for building and testing i will detail it all.

Updated The map And added the new screen shots too - still alot of work but any feed back on whats there so far ? I know not the best but i will give it a make over when i got alot of it together with detail and all.

Please don’t sign your posts.

Think of something new, build it, test it, fix it, and repeat until you can think of anything more. Then let the map “rest” a bit, and check it out again after a while.

The reason I’m saying this is because there are prob. over a hundred maps like this one.

Why do people like to put their names in their map names?

e.g gm_jdconstruct -> jasonbd

Pretty sad if you ask me.