Hello all

I have been playing Gmod for a bit now and was thinking to my self why not try out the Source SDK and make a new map that has every think I like in it.

That was a good idea and I did (as best I could :D) and I come up with gm_jdconstruct it is a basic build/construct map

Map has:

1, Deepwater (boat ramp)
2, Flatgrass
3, Construct area
4, Underground room
5, Aboveground building that can be used as a base

I will add more and there will be another version out when I get around to making the train tracks and more underground and above ground rooms.

Screenshots: Thumbnails click for bigger pics


Maybe some screenshots?

from the screen shots it looks like you only used five textures.

-Has lighting.
-Is better than the average first map.

-Used default skybox.
-No prop_static entities to act as a source for the lighting.
-Generally blocky.
-Used only one brick texture for every wall.
-Water looks very fucked up.
-Fairly dark in most areas.

Thanks guys,

Yea i am working on making its alot bigger too i have had people say its way too small. the water worked in HL2 good but when it is used in Gmod then water looks a bit strange so im changing that too.

im trying to work out the rail tracks but first things first is making its better to look at and bigger for them massive builds people do.

thanks again for the feedback so far