This map was made for me. This is the Jon’s Island from the game Ishar 2 Messenger of Doom. This pretend to be a recreation of this island from the ms-dos graphics to source engine. Include npcs to battle, Is fully compatible with CSS. It map have nodes for npcs. I strongly recomended you to download the medieval gamemode** for this map.**
[release] [tab]Name:[/tab] gm_jon_island

[tab]Version:[/tab] 11

[tab]Description:[/tab] A small-medium snow mountain with npcs inspired in an abandonware game.

[tab]Requeriments:[/tab] Counter Strike Source, Half Life 2
[tab]FPSbanana Download:[/tab]

[tab]Garrysmod Download:[/tab]


Might want to fix the repeating textures, smooth those displacements, and add more detail. Other than that nice effort.

What’s the difference between this and akeer’s island?

And you obviously haven’t learnt from your mistakes of the first map, as you have made them all again. Where are you learning to map anyway?

I hope i lean from my mistakes, this map is in alpha stage and i publish because i want to know what to do with it, I can’t learn from one day to another you know.

You can’t be, because you are not improving the maps you are working on, just making crap and releasing it. Show images of your work in the mapping section, and learn from good tutorials found in the mappers encyclopaedia. Where have you learnt from so far?

I agree with Yo Momma, this is good for a mapper beginning to make maps, keep posting maps, even if they are crap, to get feed back from decent people and get tips on how to make your maps better.

Usually that is the case, but as it is no improvement from akeer’s island that was released yesturday, i doubt much learning is going on.

It map is different from akeer’s island. It is the first time i use the tool Displacement > Pain geometry. You didn’t look my another maps that don’t use this tool. So the improvement is latency, I started and just need to look some tutorials. You will see the progress looking the pics. On other hand, i wait two year from a mapper to make me a map like those i have done so don’t want to wait more. I make my own stuff.

oh god that is horrible.
im sorry man you make my maps look good

You could have improved akeer’s but you haven’t…you have done one thing differently. It doesn’t help that you have used a game for inspiration where the designers themselves didn’t create much.

This is a quick 10 min piece of work i did based off the image that looked like a dock (well, like a boat moving past a series of blocks. It isn’t perfect as i usually spend between 2 and 6 months per map. Yes, that is MONTHS, not minutes. Looks better though…

That is through practice and many many maps that have never been seen before.

Nice pic. But doesn’t help too much if you don’t refer to me a tutorial about **smooth displacements **acording to the make i have done. There is a vmf included in the map then you can see what i have done. I know maps take time but i want to released this early deliverately and later improve it.

Here is a great Displacement tutorial

Interlopers is a great source on starting off in level design, there are many great tutorials on youtube though, just do any quick search for source level design tutorials.


All that needs to be said has been said, you need a bit more practice and to visit the Valve Developer Wiki a bit more, along with half-wit and interlopers for nice tutorials.

random helpful links

Also, as for mapping in general, it’s slightly easier than it looks from these sites however requires a lot of time and trial & error.

Stop releasing. Please.
Post these little things in the map pimpage thread, that’s where a lot of good feedback is coming from.

But you have already shown you are unwilling to spend time on a map and improve yourself. The old saying goes: If you know it is crap, why release it.

I am going to put comments in your map that doesn’t help in any way. You repeated the same all time, just boring.
Improvements of the map are more likely to be in the fpbanana link and when i get a good one i will make a new one garrysmod download instead of the current one.

My map? Which one? The one I posted I literally made just for you to show you what can be done in 10 mins (and that included compiling, and disentangling my headphones for my minidisk player). My main problem is that you are not taking time and putting effort into learning. The next map you make, spend at least a week on it. Also, it may help that you choose something different to port…maybe something like Fire Warrior. 3d to 3d is a lot easier that quasi-3d to 3d.

Now for the other bit:

No map is perfect, no game is either. No mapper can be the best, but they can always strive to improve themselves. If anyone wants to challenge this view, then you are welcome to do so. However, you are talking to a guy who has now crashed 3 card machines and a lighting desk twice. If there is a flaw in a game, I will find it. Get past the whole idea of “i can’t” and push yourself. Make a map over a period of time and add detail. Push yourself to be something more and you will start to see your skills improve. Look at the docks and ask yourself if that looks as good as it can be. The answer at the moment is no…so you can improve it. Only when it is as good as it can be should you think about releasing. This map, nor akeer’s is NOT as good as it can be. So make it better over a period of time.

Iron, leave him alone and hide in your room where you make maps for 8 months. He is learning, it doesn’t matter how much effort he is putting in to it, he is still making SOME effort to map. If you are so good, and so concerned about his mapping skills, then teach him yourself.

Many of you aren’t helping by saying the map is just bad and not giving any ideas on how to improve. I mean, yes, a few of these posts are A+
Anyway, just an idea: Maybe you should keep the same thread and update it when you feel the need.
Also, just take into consideration what I said in the other thread.
Fix things like the scrunched up texture in the first picture (the wooden dock), using the Face Edit Sheet.
Select the Face Edit Sheet, select the faces of the dock, and check the Texture Scale they are on.
0.25 is the default texture scale unless specified otherwise.
Now for the NPCs: I don’t have the VMF, so I can’t see if you have any or not, but it looks like you could use NPC Clip. It is non-solid to players, and is not rendered in the .bsp file, and it blocks NPCs.

I don’t make maps for 8 months…that’s just insane. I spent 6 months on black mesa. And in case you haven’t been reading my posts, one of the main points is that he should be taking time on these maps and improving one until it looks ready for release. Time is a main factor in mapping.

Also, i do work for a living, so i can’t map 24/7…as much as i would love to. Alas, i need to keep myself in J2O.