A construction map but with a twist. A large jump to jump all of those nice cars you have built.

Features -

-Tall skybox
-Big jump
-Large pool/lake
-Sexy skybox
Credits to Komoakc for making the skybox

Criticism please!

Another construct map. :woop:

The water is quite annoying.

The dev textures shouldn’t be in it, though I do like the fact that you didn’t use construct textures.

Nice skybox texture.
Otherwise there isn’t really anything special about this.

Not mine but thank you. It was made by a FPS Banana user named Komaokc

Hah. I chose to make a construction map that had never been made. Hence the jump.

I couldn’t find a better water texture that would really look nice in the map, although I will choose a better one next map.
I chose the dev textures because when repeated, they looked nice. Just think of it this way, atleast it isn’t a reflective white concrete texture.

I think its a decent map. The water IS annoying.
The skybox is very nice though.

I would say a 4/10.

It’s yellow.

As I said above, I shall make sure to choose a “better on the eyes” water texture

I wanted to get the feel of a sunset.

cmon, think about it without the skybox, it would be just a boxy pile of crap with a jump and pool.

your point is?

he could have made it “just a boxy pile of crap with a jump and pool”, but he took the time to make it look nice.

Try making it a floating island like “Headstub” has, it would look really cool, get rid of the wall, add some displacements, love the skybox though.

Thanks for the criticism people. I shall use it wisely

i didn’t say it was bad. just to point out that nice skyboxes make maps look awesome.

Golden at best, blood red at worst. Never yellow. But judging by the skybox, the light should still be white.

Shall remember that.

How’s blue? Ambient light from the sky seems nice a lot of the time.

It should probably be less blue than you think. Obviously blue shadows never look right. You want them more neutral. Blueish, but not all that blue. Especially in such a cloudy environment where most of the light will be white reflected light from the clouds rather than blue skylight.