gm_justice WIP

Hey, i’m working on a nice “Temple/Museum” themed map. It’s still a heavy WIP, but i’ll try to work on it much.

Some pics:

Front side. The text, “Templum Reformo”, means: “Temple of Reformation”.

The ticket office. Light color will be changed. Don’t worry… It kinda looks yucky now. Or well, what do you guys think of the light color?

A littlebit of grass. With a hole in the roof. Sorry for the shadows. I’ll place some new pics later, without this.

The front, again. But a seperate side of it. Just to give you guys some more detail.

More pics coming later. Oh and… I’m a horrible texturer… So, if someone has the will to texture this for me when this is done, would be really nice. Ofcourse i’ll give you credit if it is being released.
Please post some CC. I need some tips on how to improve all this.

Hooray, I got my friend to model the text. It will be done later.

Exterior architecture look good, interior is pretty sucky and the text look horrific. I’d recommend getting a modeller to do the text.

This. Love the outside though.

Hmm, okay. I’ll ask my friend to make the text. And for the interior. Yes, I know.

Lower the lightmap scales on some of the exterior walls. The blocky shadows underneath the roof looks strange.

Yeah, I figured.

Wasn’t this map going to be intended for Garry’s Mod Tower?

If you change texture on those walls they will be repeating so I think you gotta look for custom one already

Yeah, it was, but i’m going to continue without doing it for them. They denied my mapping application. But yeah, theres nothing to do about it. :sigh:


This are just Dev-textures. They arent gonna be repeating. (Atleast, I hope that)

Hey, how about little chat, maybe you’ll get some motivation, ideas or whatever, maybe you’ll get some feeling about how it should work or else I may help you, I have one project and I feel quite empty about how it should look. If you are interested push Steam Icon under my avatar.

Also about those walls, they are going to be that repeating, believe me or not but that’s actually matter of lighting and detail.

Added you.