Gm_Kahboh is a map I made a really long time ago, I’ve decided to fix it up a little bit and release not only the map, but the .vmf I don’t expect this to be groundbreaking or anything I just want to release this map and get it away from me. So do anything you want with the .vmf but also credit me, hell do a complete overhaul if you wish as this map was made when I was experimenting with displacements so everything will be a little… “Meh”

anyway. Images:


Also: don’t tell about any bugs as I wont fix them.

[sp]I think this map is pretty bad [/sp]

looks cool and all but…

what does kahboh mean?

Canyon in Russian.

It means canyon in russian.


Darn ninja’s :ninja:

Halo 1, canyon,used most on ctf, don’t mind me, i just play the game.

That was actually my reference… don’t be ashamed.

Good game anyway.


danger canyon

Small, but neat for little battles.

Little battles

This is extremely cool! You could always flatten the land at the top of the canyons and create a 3D Skybox to make it look like it goes on forever. (:

I am Russian. No kahbohs around…

It’s not bad, actually. Just needs a few tweaks here and there, some smoothing around the canyon tops, and it’d be even better.

It means;

Kahboh = Canyon
Russian -> English


Are there jet skis in this map? /reference

Epic map, though.

Damn. This map is nothing like the original. Did you even use a reference? No tunnels, barely any prop placement, and the red\blue bases look bad.
Texturing is good though.

I remember this way back when! :smiley: Very cool map. Might change some stuff with the vmf. :smiley:

Halo Combat Evolved: Canyon

You translated a letter from Russian to English that doesn’t exist in the Latin alphabet. In Cyrillic the letter that looks like a “b” is actually a “soft sign”, it has no pronunciation of its own and instead alters the pronunciation of the letters around it.
Why you changed your "n"s to "h"es is beyond me.

Welcome to one of the most messed up and complex languages on earth.

who cares dickweed

I see no “N” in “Каньон”

Er, those н’s make N sounds, welcome to the Cyrillic alphabet.